Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by signals, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. i was just wondering after my phase 2 can you get posted pretty much anywhere? and how long do these usually last, is it a matter of years or does it depend? thanks a lot
  2. depends where your unit is being posted obviously, and when

    operations are about 6 to 8 months
  3. All will be explained on your posting orders when you get them, but you will find chunks of people getting posted to simalar areas, normally to those who have just come back from tour or just about to go on one. As for locations, most are in UK or Germany, but there are a few more cushy ones such as Belgium, Dubai (You won't get this as your first tour), Cyprus, America (Definitly won't get this in your first tour, although some full screws do like making out you are going there for a few hours, happened to a couple of guys on my course)

    Typical tours are 3 years but there are a few shorter ones, and as Chris said operational tours are 6 months and send you to such lovely places as Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia/Kosovo, Falkland Islands...
  4. if your posted away for three years, do you only get to come home on your holiday time or do you get any other allowences? also if your abroad, do the army pay for you to get home or do you pay for your own flights?
  5. The rules change in April (on transition to JPA) and a soldier in his first 3 years receives 4 warrants to get him home whilst based in the UK (Get You Home Early Years). However, I cannot find any reference to what happens if the soldier is based in Germany. JSP 752 is a big document! I will look if I have time, but someone else (paywog perhaps?) might be able to tell you.

  6. I have just loaded JSP 752 into Word, which told me that there are 710 pages - which is a big document!

    I found the rules for being stranded in Norway and the Scottish Isles but couldn't find anything about leave travel from Germany. Word then crashed!

    I am afraid you'll have to wait for someone with a lot more relevant knowledge than I have!