I've got my posting choices coming up at the moment and my first two choices are 30 Sigs and 251 in Aldershot. Has anyone got an info on these units or any info on other units?
You're probably not going to get an up to date answer on here, mainly as there are very few current people on the site. However, enjoyment of postings is down to the CoC and the lads you work with. Through a few rotten eggs in and life will be shit. However, I've not heard anything bad recently about 30 or 251, with the added bonus of being very close to London when at 251. 251 has bespoke comms equipment and 30 is generic I believe, but I genuinely don't know. Either way get there, get your head down, work hard, volunteer for everything, learn the kit to the absolute best of your ability, don't be a knowledge smuggler and you will have a great time.
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