Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Craig_K, Jul 9, 2013.

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  1. Hi everyone, I am currently training as a CS OP at Blandford and am about to put my postings down. I was wondering what 21 sigs is like as speaking to different people has got me nowhere due to the fact that some hate it and some love it depending on what squadron you go to.

    I have heard a lot about travelling to Jordan and Kenya on exercise and that kinda sh*t appeals to me. Can you chose what squadron you get or is it done for you beforehand?

    Also what's 2 sigs like?


  2. 1. Every posting is what you make it.
    2. Enjoyment of work at every posting is heirachy dependent i.e. 34 Bahamas Sig Sqn (V) might have a sociopath for a SSgt and psychopath for an SSM and an idiot for an aren't going to enjoy it.
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  3. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    ​It's not the postings that are good, its the people who make them good, yourselve included!
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  4. As others have said, its what you make it. In Blandford eh, I hope youve cycled up zigzag hill, windsurfed in poole harbour, ran to the farquharson??? arms got drunk and tried to run back, good luck with your career

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  5. Do you live in that EX public house BC?
  6. No, just remembering good times

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  7. Craig,
    You may wish to be more discreete with your name/loc online, you get all sorts in here, heck, some are even in the Army.
    It is worth checking with your staff to see if they can articulate what is happening to 21 SR as part of the A2020 restructure, as change is afoot that you might like to know of. Be worth checking the sched for HERRICK tours as well as there may still be a chance to get out.
    Both 2 SR and 21SR are good units and have pretty good locations for life outside the wire.
    APC will post you to a Sqn - however your Regt may well adjust that around their requirements if necessary.

    Best of luck.
  8. 2 Sigs is excellent, walk into the city centre and enjoy yourself just don't forget that you and the river Ouse will get acquainted every autumn as you attempt to save the city from flooding.

    21 is not far from Bath but without a car you will have difficulties getting around.

    Take on board what has been said before. Enjoy the bar on camp but don't let it dominate your posting. Get out and enjoy what is around you.