Discussion in 'REME' started by gingerpants, May 7, 2013.

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  1. Doing basic vm course at bordon. need to get my posting in shortly. looking to go to a germany LAD. any suggestions to the best ones, also ones that arent coming back to the uk soon.
  2. I've spent my first 6 years after my Basic course in Germany and while there may be some postings better than others, the units are always changing personnel so it's honestly what you make of your time there.

    Smaller LAD's are better I reckon but some may disagree, Royal Engineers are great to work with aswell. Just go out there and make the most of it, we won't be there for long!
  3. Yep, a units character changes over time. My time in Düsseldorf 88 to 90 was the dogs, despite day on day off for about 4 months, and even SNCOs on the gate; I once stagged on with a Dental WOII and later with a REME staffy

    3 or 4 years later I'm told the atmosphere there was worse than Bulford

    Its what you make of a place
  4. That'll teach you to shag the Badge's wife ;-)