14 SREW Brawdy. Wksps dont deploy exept for exercises, some TA stuff (Griffens Spanner) and as second line for FTX down at Castlemartin/Brecon. ASM is a top bloke. Give him a bell.

4 day working week and loads of AT oppertunities.HQ are looking for a Artesan Staffy too!

It is in darkest Wales though......
39 Regt RA, 56 (HQ) BFS is traditionally run by an Artisan Staffy.

Fecking awesome posting, excellent lads, runs rings around the RA.
You will, however, have to come to the terms with the fact that the lads run riot.
Never (in my experience) any trouble, they're just right little CFN bastards! They'll do you proud though. Work like demons possessed, smoke like chimneys, drink like fish, take all your change on the pool table and drag you screaming on a night out.

God bless 'em. Crafties are feckin' awesome.
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