I have just been speaking to an RSM who is currently serving in the infantry.

He tells me that the mass moves of regiments that happened in the past are now a thing of the past. Although soldiers serve with the KRH they are actually members of the RAC now and rather than post a whole unit its now to be trickle postings so you could now wear the cap badge of the KRH one day and then be RDG the next?

Seems a good idea for cost saving but surely the pride of a regiment and the traditions will now all be lost? Does anybody know if this is true.

On that point then if they have indeed done that why the hell don't they get rid of the regimental system and just have RTR - as much as it would be a loss of the regiment it seems that its going that way anyway, and if they are after saving money to have one uniform cap badge etc would be the best way?

Does anybody know if this is so? If so please let me know asp!! Seem that those serving now are loosing out to me!


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That is not quite true. The idea is that a KRH soldier and indeed officer could be posted to another RAC unit to fill the gap...i.e a vacant slot for RQMS comes up at X Regiment but Y Regiment has 2 x RQMS qualified guys and X Regiment can't get a man in time.

This has happened with officers for some time albeit at a low level.

Essentially, it is about RACES. This system is designed to prevent career foul.

As to the cap the soldier/officer retains their cap badge, but like anyone who is attached to a unit they will have to adopt some of their kit. i.e. go to the RTR from KRH, put on black beret and coveralls.

Hope this answers.


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Yep. That's how I am led to understand it.

All it means is that there will be more cross posting so that when someone goes away on ops then the rest of the RAC can back fill get the relevant ticks in the box for the individual and meet all the IiP targets that we have to meet.
Now the question of where this RSM - current and serving - got this information, surely he isn't confussed just goes to show how the 'big problem' of passage of informatin is such a problem when a RSM gets it so wrong. Or is this correct for the infantry?


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Right, I think you might be getting your wires crossed.

With all this arms plotting.....the idea is to fix Regiments in place, hence why they are flailing around trying to get 1 x Armd Regt back from BFG to Tidworth to create the balance.

Therefore, if someone desperately wants to go to BFG but is not of that cap badge, they could go on long term detachment (up to 8 years was the figure quoted by memory). That means that units that are undermanned in various locations would be backfilled by various other Regiments volunteers.

Word of caution, I quote MS:

"The needs of the Army come first, the needs of its officers, soldiers and their families come a close second." Therefore, don't place all your chips on the table if you being an obvious Tidworth warrior get f()cked off when you say that you want to go to BFG and there is a manning shortfall in your rank range at your own unit.

Does make sense.
I am no longer serving so it doesn't matter to me either way. All I know is that the fella said that the 'regiments' are to stay put - permanent. And the soldiers would move and change, which seemed like a recipe for madness to me.

What you are saying is in a way something else, but makes sense.

I am also told this:

All arms plots are gone, they are a thing of the past do posting will no longer be 18 months to two years (So no change there for the RAC)

In its place is 'The formation readiness Cycle' which means that posting can be from 6 - 10 years. (Again no change there)


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A fear a bit of exaggeration on the part of your informant may be the case.


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On reflection, if this guy is infantary then what he says may hold truth if his Regiment is going to form one of these regional Regiemnts with a few battalions in each. i.e. the dreaded Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Yes the unit stays still and people will be posted around inside the Royal Regiment of Scotland Battalions wherever they may be. However, they will be wearing the same stuff (1 Regiment - 3 (?) Battalions). Therefore, no problem!

Maybe, (and rightly so) sour grapes about these super Regiments being formed, therefore creating the impression that identity will be lost.

Identity will be lost, but not through this scheme of posting people around within a set entity.


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Same point though.

I fear that it is a bad time for all concerned in this new system that Neue Arbeit have thrown up us. There is going to be loss of tradition, identity and pride, however, we need to get on with it and make the most of it.
I would agree however these changes are not good for the army as a whole or the morale of those serving and in a time when most are in and out of Iraq like we were in and out of Soltau.

I have only been out for 3 years and miss the Army / Regiment like mad and would rejoin at a drop of a hat, but age and all doesn't allow that. In saying that I believe we had it best before the 2002 amagamation as the 1420H and these boys may never have it as good, which is a great shame.
Been out a while but my understanding is that RAC arms plot moves will continue!!. What has ended is the change of role every 20 years or so. Recce regts will now stay recce and Armoured regts will stay armoured. I did both roles and must admit that despite being RTR I much prefered the Recce role.
The rumour that all Armoured regiments will come under one cap badge has been around for years , maybe it will happen in the end .But as long as its not the RTR capbadge or 9th/12th who cares .... joke
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