im waiting for my first posting as ive just finished my comms spec course, whats chances of getting a northern england posting ? (as there are no rlc units there but ive heard you can get attached to med reg etc) :policeflat:
Just ask to be assigned to the south of englan, you're board to get a position up north.
Sorry to tell break this to you Callum, your day one week one. You will go where they need you!
Sorry to tell break this to you Callum, your day one week one. You will go where they need you!
No, i dont believe that! Im sure the lady up at Records see's ALL Pte soldiers needs to be her priority and she tries her damned hardest to post them to Belize, BATUS, BATUK and Brunei!
Callum, take no notice of MMS and take a gamble and put in for some of the above as well as a posting near your stunning girlfriend.
I gather your worried she maybe tempted to wander whilst you are posted away from your Mums house? Well dont worry Callum, it wont even cross her mind. So go on, get posted near your home town so you can go and see that girlfirend of yours and you get your uniform washed and ironed by your Mum to boot. Forget all that bonding ethos you will miss with your fellow Ptes as they go on the piss in Aldershot or Germany, banging all the local birds and getting smashed.
Is there anyone in records who can help Pte Paul Callum secure an assignment up north?

Ordovician you need his Regt No posted on ARRSE as well?
Hi Callum,

I'm the nice lady at Records that CH5210* is refering to. Looking at my gigantic map of the world that l have on display in my office l can see that the Falklands is quite close to the north of England, in fact it's only about 7 inches away on the map. l'm always keen to keep the troops happy, so that's where you're going. Your flight leaves tomorrow.

*CH5120 is only bitter as he wasn't good enough to get my job :)
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