I have just transfered across from the Inf to REME RS, and am looking at promoting to SGT this year, however i am new to all this PPP preferences and would like some advice on what REME RS posts are available.

Since transfering i still haven't spoken to anyone about my career from the REME, i am at a Depot and my RCMO did everything for me here.

Any advice would be very much apreciated.
Get ready to go to a G10.

As for the PPP, i believe its called a SCR now, just a case of filling in the form and then your boss will post it to glasgow to go in your file.
Sorry, just re-read your post.

Your are not RS, you are TSS.

As for postings it depends if your employed in a tech store, training wing etc.

As a full screw you are more than likely to go to an LAD as a storeman. As for training wings etc then its just the REME battalions, once you get your third more slots will open up as you could be a CQ at a Bn.

Any specific questions dont hesitate to PM me.
As i said before i am knew to this, When you said not RS but TSS, i was unaware of this, i take i will have to do some sort of store course before i can work in a store (not that i want to) the main reason i made the jump was because of the training enviroment.

what are the chances of getting into a training wing job? are they hard to get into or does it go off your quals experience etc. I know absolutly nothing about REME trades or whats involved in LAD stores etc. I am still waiting for some advice.

My 2 i/c is setting up a meeting for me with an LE officer who has been posted to my depot and i am going to pick his brains, she also suggested going to a REME battalion for a week just as a "look at life" type of thing.

Since transfering my first post was back at the same depot i was at when i jumped. So now if i don't promoted i will be here til Sep 2012, by then i will only have 4 years left, can i ask for postings near to were i am going to settle when finishing my time?
Reme are everywhere if you wanna know about slots give the units arond where you wanna go a bell and see if they have any slots avaiable or coming available (bloke gone in 3 months eg). Then write your SCR accordingly.
Frankly I am astounded by this thread, not a direct pop at the O.P. but how the feck can you transfer into the Corps without some form of brief on what is does & where it is !!!!

Still as an old fossil what do I know about what goes on these days.

Maybe a little off-topic and a bit of a rant by me, but after seeing the "new and improved" REME roadshow the other day I am a little miffed. The REME is closed except to ten TSS slots this year for Inf transferees.

In your other topic you said the person you spoke to encouraged you to persuade other people in your reg to transfer too.

Not a dig at you but I joined as TSS to do the "RS" side of life and it seems as if the slots are now being taken by Inf transfers and higher up by the artisans. And the poeple that joined in the last 5 years are being pushed to one side, essentially splitting the job into Tech Storeman and RS once again.

I asked the question of wether this was happening and about the rumours that all full screw class 1 TSS are being pulled back to man the G10's and just got a confused look back with awnser "I dont know".

Yeah some of the guys i work with that have just transfered have been posted straight to a REME battalion as TSS, i have just picked up on the board and got posted into the same slot i am currently at which has caused a bit of trouble as i needed to move companies because of the obvious being a screw working with my mates to then being a Sgt working in the same team. Its work out well but would have prefered to get to a REME battalion so i can actually get to see how the REME work, seeing as i have at present not been aproached or spoken to by anyone from the REME.

In saying that i now have an LE Capt REME looking into getting me down to Arbourfield to speak with the SPSO so i can see where my remaining career is best spent for the good of the corp.
This is all beyond me :(
I mean as in I dont think the OP knows what he is actually talking about.
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