Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by grungemech, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. One month to go and no posting order - nothing new for the Signals!!! Why carn't they get it right - who else has been buggered about, my replacement has nown for 6 months!!
  2. What is it with you bleeps, moaning all the time! How often do you see other services whining about terms and conditions or postings.

    You lot need to grow up (lol) :D
  3. That the problem we can bleep, but not talk to each other!!! LOL :?
  4. What trade are you ya moanin faced git?
  5. grunge - maybe a silly question, but have you been to see Sqn 2IC/Adjt/RCMO and asked them what is happening - If your replacement has been nominated, then the unit needs to move you on. My advice is to take this moment to your advantage - get a new PPP done over the weekend and present it to your Sqn/Unit MS body - if Glasgow have forgotten you, they normally try to get you something that is in both your and their interest - and get him/her to sort a posting out ASAP. If you are posted in a month but dont know where, then your unit MS chain is failing if you report this on Mon morning and they havent got it sorted by close of play Monday. These things arent difficult and if your MS bloke has a good working relationship with Glasgow then you should be able to get something suitable pretty schnell.

    These things hopefully aren't difficult to sort, as long as you have no special circumstances - good luck!
  6. Get in your Troop Staffies In Tray. Sitting around whining will get you nowhere.
  7. Phone up MCM div sort it out yourself.Cut all the middle men out and look after you own career.No other fukker will bother.
  8. Phone up MCM div sort it out yourself.Cut all the middle men out and look after you own career.No other fukker will bother.
  9. GM

    Notwithstanding the fact that it is you who should take ownership of this problem - DO NOT take carpets advice. A phone call to MCM from you will be very quickly followed by one from them to your Adjt. Trust me he/she will not take kindly to this, but it will certainly have the effect of raising your profile.
  10. Tp Staffy, SSM, Adjt. Get amongst your G1 chain ASAP. Its your problem, and these people are there to deal with it. I know there shouldn't be a problem, but hey, dry your eyes, these things happen. BTW, in my (limited) experience, MCM Div rarely feck up, and when they do, they don't react like Army Yid says they do when you ring them. Did you ring your Desk Officer AY, or the SOinC direct? :p
  11. Biscuits

    Trust me, a Regtl heirarchy would not be happy for pers to ring their desk officer direct and they would find out. WRT going through the chain you are quite correct.

    SOinC - he is number one on my speed dial!!

  12. MCM Div always say in the Roadshow, you are more than welcome to call your desk officer... They do qualify that remark by saying that you should keep your chain of command informed, though. As AY said, they are likely to phone your Adjt, if only to say that they have discussed your personal circumstances and what the proposed outcome is... So, whilst there is nothing wrong in 'taking ownership' of the problem, make sure that your CoC are at least aware that: 1. There is a problem, and 2. You are speaking to MCM to see what can be done about it.

    You never know - your Adjt may be busy enough, and be happy for you to sort out your own life. There is nothing better than a pro-active soldier - conversely, there is nothing worse than one who doesn't keep everyone informed.

  13. All good advice. BTW, grungemech, if it won't ruin your persec, what unit are you at? Just for future reference of course! :)