Discussion in 'REME' started by secret_squirrel1989, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Something for people to throw down about on an open floor, in terms of career progression which are the better postings, to a REME bn, or to an LAD (thinking about my first posting when i eventually get out of Bordon...) and also what are peoples best/worst posting experiences?
  2. 1st line Germany, sorts out the men from the boys!

    That's all you need to know.
  3. Depends on trade and personality.

    What trade you doing - where do you want to go?

    Remember, sometimes your first posting isn't where you want to work on your promotion. (It's time to get your liver fukced and you criminal record squared away before you start having to be a grown up.)
  4. Im on trade training to become a cellar dweller. Thinking Germany could be a bit of fun, my old man can never resist a good swingin' lanty bout his time over there... Really not sure where I want to go posting-wise to be honest, I mainly joined up to go somewhere hot and sandy. Chose REME over Infantry so that if things went mammaries-up I would have a trade to fall back on...
  5. As per my last post and Armoured Regt (Chally 2)

    You will have a ball!
  6. Another Cellar Dweller - Happy days :) Try and get 1st line Germany, Armoured Infantry.

    Celle, in between Hannover and Hamburg, was my first posting. 2RRF - Brilliant, great town, great lads, good experience on the work side of life too! Liver's shot to fukc now but well worth it.
  7. Do yourself a favour and take the advice given, 1st line Armd in Germany all the way, you will never regret it. Loads of great places to visit on your doorstep, get pished, shag loads of German birds and generally have a great time before you have to worry about growing up.

    As you can guess I ferkin love Germany, I've only had 1 posting in UK and it just doesn't compare, UK is shite. :)
  8. 1st line Germany.
    for further details speak to approx 50% of the current cl1 cse who are in the SA wing.
    and approx 50% of the cse starting after leave.
  9. Germany all the way is for winners!
  10. Definately Germany.
    20 Bde region (Paderborn and Sennelager mainly) is for winners. Avoid 26 Regt RA at all costs though. They're having a bit of a mare in the morale department and it doesn't look like improving anytime soon...
  11. Agree on both counts.....I was at 26 RA nearly 20 years ago and it was having a morale problem then :D

    Padders is tops though, I love that place :D