Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by B_AND_T, May 29, 2009.

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  1. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I have had a number of postings over the years, so good, some bad and some indifferent.

    So what makes a good posting?

    Work mates?
    Cheap Beer?
  2. Good gym,
    Excellent education facilities,
    Wine bars,
    Gucci shops,
    Proximity to medical facilities......

    :D Mi ARRRRRRSE ! Ill go with (A) somewhere with a less than secure POL point, (B) somewhere with a high proportion of fat Jennies, (C) a pub/takeaway within a hop skip and a jump.......... I am easily pleased
  3. Cheap fags
    Cheap booze
    Tax free cars etc
    cheap fuel
    Sqn Bars
    Whore houses

    Ok anywhere in the fatherland :D
  4. Roberts Bks Osnabruck:
    Pub - 100m,
    Schnelly - 200m,
    Bank - 500m,
    Brothel - 700m.
    Squadron Bars,
    cheap fags,
    cheap booze,
    less than secure POL store (allegedly),
    invites to BMH Munster nurse's parties.
  5. :D I know i have been there, also Quebeck Bks, Barker Barracks in Paderborn, Iserlohn and Nienburg :D
  6. Hong Kong 1992-94 for me was absolute tops!

    Beer wasnt cheap, but if you knew what you were doing you could wander from bar to bar doing the happy hours. (as one H-H finished another one started).
    Tits out bars everywhere.
    Good qaulity cheap food
    24 hour McDonalds (mega cheap compared to UK)
    £15 a day LOA for singlies.
    My accomodation block had 2 blokes and 18 women in it when I got there.
    Great mates.
    No need for cheap fuel as you didnt need a car.
    Taxis were cheap as chips.
    Rugby 7s.
    If you liked shopping then handmade suits and jewelery was cheap too.
  7. There wasn't too much close to Quebec Bks, CD.
  8. [/quote]
    :D I know i have been there, also Quebeck Bks, Barker Barracks in Paderborn, Iserlohn and Nienburg :D[/quote]

    An engineer by chance ive had them as well (except for iserlohn) and Hameln soon to be twice, for me the extra cash is nice but its the lifestyle going for a bite to eat and a beer and no chavs gobbing off!
  9. BMH Berlin Had the lot ..... oh happy days
  10. Dortmund..Napier Barracks...or Wildenrath..MG..Dussy or Köln on your doorstep
  11. Dickensweg!
  12. Red Freds in NAAFI platz and
    The Irish bar under the blue church
  13. Krefeld.

    Brilliant blokes
    Brilliant socially
    West park grill
    Whore house just round the corner, (if you didn't pull in the NAAFI :D )
    Great CoC.

    Best posting I ever had
  14. MY HOUSE

    Oh the joy of being a part timer :D
  15. RAF Bruggen 92-94. Absolutely brilliant. It was a self contained mini village. The WRAF totty was leaps and bounds ahead of the WRAC (with a couple of exceptions) The social side was truly amazing. Just over the border into Holland.
    Minden 89-92 was a right good crack as well. Good bunch of lads.
    Detmold was a tip.