Hey there Fellers, I'm due posting soon and I am looking for good posting for my last posting. I am an IS Eng Class1. Even if I do put down for a coushty posting is there much chance of getting it? Any ideas' opinions would be greatly apprieciated
Hi fella,

Try 251 in Aldershot. They are solely UK based and ideally located for resettlement courses etc. As with any unit in the world they are prone to the odd bone trawl. The role is IS based can PM to explain more.

Best of luck
Further to E-Layer's question - you need to make your mind up if you're actually in your last few months or if you're looking for a posting. If you are out in March then you ain't going to be posted (unless you are completing 22 and you are doing the old "last 6 months in the UK" sketch).

It's also important to consider the rough geographic area where you want to be. It's not a show-stopper but it can make things a hell of a lot easier or more difficult. It's a good idea to try to get within fighting distance of your preferred end location, to help with contacts etc.

Tell us a bit more and I'm sure some guys can help.
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