Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Romeo_Oscar, May 9, 2009.

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  1. Just wanted to ask ppl's advice here. I got my posting recently for a job in Germany. Was never keen on Germany, but I'm happy to give it a go. You've got the whole of Europe on your doorstep so why not?

    I wouldn't mind asking to swap jobs though, but ppl have said such a request is never looked upon well. Is this true? Should I make a request or just 'suck it in'?
  2. Swap it for what - Bulford?

    Get out there. I spent quite a few postings in Germany. Although it has changed somewhat from the old cold war days and, unless it's changed dramatically in the past 3 or 4 years, it's still a very good place to go. Central Europe, lots to do and see. Tax free perks, LOA and more.

    I don't think I ever come across anyone swapping postings. Changing them, occasionally, yes, but be careful, very careful what you ask for. You really could end up soemwhere worse. Far worse.
  3. Could someone tell me what Southern UK postings there are?
  4. Romeo

    In all honesty I think Bonzo has been kind on you.....
    Standby fella cause there will be some that will shortly post in reply to your thread that will, rightly or wrongly, rip you apart.

    Much has changed in the world and Europe and especially Germany, but If I can offer you one piece of advice from a 22 year retiree - Make the most of any posting out of the UK.
  5. I must be getting soft in my old age.
  6. Romeo - I agree with B-D and P-F, make the most of your time in Germany. My brother was there for most of the 90s and has spent most of his time since 2000 in the UK. He would give his left testicle to go back to the Fatherland. Foreign postings are a great character builder and you will remember them with fond memories when you become a grizzled old scrote too.

    With regards to swapping a posting you are in the Army not the RAF. In my time I only ever saw it happen once and that was due to compassionate reasons. Get on with it and enjoy yourself!
  7. When we had a bit of spare cash we would head to Venlo, perhaps even Amsterdam, for the weekend, just so we could be that bit closer to the South of Englend.

    Otherwise we would sit round in the Green Goose, Zweibel or Hyde Park all night dreaming we were in Amesbury, Hounslow, or Warminster, even for just one hour. :crying:
  8. :D :D :D :D :D

    Germany was excellent while I was there. At the centre of Europe and proper winters/proper summers. Great food and beer and if you get stuck in a lot of good people and places to see. Now that the wall is down the prospect of going to the rest of Europe must make it almost perfect!

    Yer don't know yer born lad!
  9. In my experience, MCM want solutions not problems. If you go to them and say I think GHermany is shit and I don't want to go, they'll laugh at you. Admittedly your RSM will prob do the same before you even get to MCM.

    If they changed everyones posting when ever someone got a posting they didnt want, they'd never actualy post anyone. The only reasons you'll really get a change of posting is like has been said, for compassionate reasons or harmony reasons (tour of Hereford followed by Poole for example) or something along those lines.

    However, I have heard of people doing one for one swaps. If you and someone else can both go to your heirachy and evidence why each of your postings is not right for you but the other's is, you might stand a chance. Then all MCM has to do is copy and paste the PIDs (LSNs for all you old gits! :wink: ) to eachother and reissue a JPA posting order. You better have good reasons though. LCpl A saying "I dont want to go to Germany because "I still live at home and I like my mum doing my dhobie" and LCpl B saying he wants to go to Germany so he can get nuts deep ans smashed on a regular basis probably won't cut it.

    Good luck to you fella, but like has also been said, Germany is a riot and you'll prob find you like it a lot more than you think you're going to. If you're a singly junior or a pad any rank, you'll love it more than most!
  10. Agree with previous posts, I think I had some of the best times of my life in Germany (can't be certain as I don't remember large periods of the tour). Minisoda Viking might be able to verify this.
  11. Romeo_Oscar, what Davros has written above is right, you will enjoy Germany.

    You will have the whole of Europe to explore, the German rail network is cheap and efficient, so weekends in Prague, Munich or Berlin are easy options. Not only that you will get extra pay for Germany, which for a first tour LCpl will give you significantly more beer tokens to spend than your mates in Bulford or Catterick.

    The social life is good too, most people stay around at weekends and go home to the UK less often so there will always be people to go drinking with.

    Rocking the boat about your 1st posting can backfire. Even if they grant your wish and change it to the UK, there is no garuntee that you will get what you want. Far from it in fact. MCM Div will look at their list of vacancies and give you whatever is at the top of it. This could be anything, including some really crap places. I've been a Phase 2 insructor at Templer and I've seen this a number of times. Take the posting to Germany!!

    Besides, you will still end doing 6 months in Afghanistan, just like everybody else does these days.
  12. I've been in Germany for 2 years now, and whilst I'm not going to list why I don't want to be here anymore, I know that I've had enough and back to the UK is the right choice for me.
  13. Bulford
    Abingdon (At a push)

    Thats about it really.

    Oh, sorry forgot, there is always Bulford as well. :wink:
  14. Oh dear, haha. Thought as much. It's still better than Germany for me though, believe it or not.
  15. You must be mental or have never lived in Bulford! I have done both, by the way. If you are doing it for a woman/family/to be with near-sighted civvy mates/to see more of England, it is the wrong decision.

    No one would willingly go to Bulford.

    (unless it has been moved next to a brilliant thriving city/sports venue/got a new centre/installed facilities that work/sorted the rats/cockroaches/food - which I doubt!)