I am looking at Belize or Brunei as a posting does anyone know how I could get those. *Smart arsse/uninformative comments not wanted*.


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Belize - Join the SAS.
Brunei - Join the Gurkhas

Hope this helps


Might be a stab in the dark, but how about putting in a PPP with Belize/Brunei down as 1st choice???
Other than that find a mate who knows a mate in MCM Div and get it rubber stamped 3 years before it is coming up.

Hope that helps.

That isn't to be smart assish, it's pretty much the only way to get what you want.


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First of mate put it on JPA because half the times a trawl is done because no-one has put preferences on jpa.
Secondly ring them up and ask if any one is due a posting and fancys a posting to where you are then see if you can swap. Unless of course your in training then jog on NIG and take whatever sh*t comes your way because most (not all) of these postings are seen as "gucci" so are second tour postings.
Thirdly have you spoken to your RCMO as its only a phonecall to see if any are available/coming up, it may mean you have to wait at your current unit for a bit longer but if you get one then its happy days really isnt it.
Become a Clerk of Works in the Corps of Royal Engineers. We have guys in:

Falkland Islands
Sierra Leone

As well as all over the UK and Germany in normal regiments and garrisons.


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As a REME tradesman all of the posts you have enquired about are rank ranged and start as permenant posts for senior ranks ( very few of these).As a junior rank there are oppertunities for TDS posts in all the theaters you mention , I have been beleive it or nor diccked for each and every one...........................if you want it get your OC to staff it up the line.Alot of trawls for these posts arrive in unit and never make it further than the ASM/OC's desk as they do not want to loose people for 6 months.
If you want further info please feel free to PM me.


Anyone know any jobs in Kenya, Cyprus, Belize, Bahrain (anywhere bloody different) for a Royal Artillery WO2 attached with family?
I'm currently reading a book about a guy's experences while detached to Belize. Its a very sobering look at the way young soldiers handled the both the local culture and Army life overseas. Whilst not to be taken as gospel this book should be used to brief soldiers as to what they might expect and also to give civilians a unique insight on the way the military operate.

Oh.... nearly forgot to tell you the name of the book!!! It called " Eddy Nugent and the Map of Africa"


Is there something Belize and Brunei have in common that I am unaware of? Or is it one of those 'far away from UK as possible' things? If I were you, I'd have a 'Plan B' up my sleeve - like a REME Bn close to where you'd like to be posted if Plan A was not possible.

APC always say on their roadshows your choices should be A) Specific Unit or area, B) Local Area, C) General Area.

i.e. A) AFCO York, B) Anywhere in Catterick Garrison*, C) Anywhere in the North of England

Assuming you have access to Dii - check out the REME MS Site - and you'll find a link entitled 'Job Search' which includes the No7 Board (Falklands, Kenya, Belize etc) among all of the other jobs vs trade. Soldiers/CSS/reme/Files/jobs.xls

*If you are of a suicidal natured disposition, naturally.


Anyone know any jobs in Kenya, Cyprus, Belize, Bahrain (anywhere bloody different) for a Royal Artillery WO2 attached with family?


If you are GCC there should be some posts open for exchange but not to those countries listed, However there are many loan service jobs available in many countries. I have not looked at it for a long while and they all used to be listed in the back of the British Army Review (BAR).

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