Postings versus council tax - help required.

Hopefully someone can give me some advice on this.

I’m due to be posted, in the next few months away from where I’ve been posted for the last 8 years. Whilst here, I’ve moved my family here and bought a house, to provide stability etc. (I did have a house in Devon but the commute from Suffolk was too much of a ‘mare so did the next best thing). Due to only having approx 24 months left to run on my Colour Service, I intend to commute between Yorkshire and Suffolk when I get posted to Doshforth in June. When I commuted before, the local (Devon) council agreed to reduce my council tax by 25% as it wasn’t my main residence etc. This particular (Suffolk) council to who I pay my hard-earned dosh state that I am not entitled to a reduction as my wife’ll stay there, even though I’ll have to pay CILOCT at the work location, and this also applies to guys who are overseas on Telic/Herrick etc. We all have to keep paying them regardless.

My question therefore is as follows: is there any rule, regulation etc where a serving soldier that lives for the majority of the week/month away from home can gain some form of recompense no matter what the local council say? Or am I just going to have to shut the f*** up and deal with it? Can the Army provide a form of refund or not bill me for the CILOCT etc? I don’t expect them to, my choice to live in civvy street etc I know, but surely the point of a guy buying his own house shouldn’t be scoffed at and I shouldn’t have to pay tax twice?

Any help, assistance, suggestions greatly appreciated. Ta

I had the same issue a few years a go, I had my own house in West Sussex where my wife resided and I worked in Hampshire during the week and commuted home at weekends.

The council refused to give me a reduction on my council tax stating that my home in W Susses was my main place of residence, even though I couldn't live there during the week. I also question the fact that I was paying 2 lots of council tax and they said I would have to take it up with the pay office (which I never did, think it was about 60p a day). The council said the only way I could get a reduction was to take them to court, however they quoted a case law the had already be set, where an RAF guy tried and failed.
My work (up until 3 years ago) was advising people regarding housing and related issues so I may be out of touch but the one thing I do know is that both District and County councils very rarely knew their own regulations but used to quote as if they did. The following 2 links may be useful
These would seem to suggest that if your main abode is in one part of England and you work in another part of England then a 50% concession should be available. I would challenge the decision or most solicitors offer a half hour session free, find one that deals in this type of law for up to date advice.
Many thanks for your help chaps. Tempted to take the buggers on if i'm honest, bastids
dave9727 - The links you posted are very useful. Would the discount apply if I lived in service accom but my family lived in our own house elsewhere - My contention being MY main home is the service accom as that is where I spend most of the year and it is I that am billed for two lots of council tax.
Surely you must be nearly 37 ? You looked older 9 years ago!

If as you say you are in the final few years I am guessing that you are in (or approaching) that age bracket? If so then you should be able to avoid ciloct and accn charges completely and pay a reduced rate for food.

Not only that you should qualify for the JPA equiv of GYH(P). I'm sure you have looked into this and I'm missing the point but PM me for clarity.

The key terms to remember here when talking to pay staff are "final tour of duty" and "over 37 package".
Cheeky tttwwwaaaatttt mate, 38 in may. Not really a case of the over 37 bit, but i admit i'd forgotten about that one mate. Tis more a case of getting the council to reduce the extortionate amount i pay them whilst i aint there, but good reminder anyway ta PT
Well at least not having to pay ciloct and accn in Dishcloth will offset the cost of your 15 bedroom band Z mansion in Suffolk, can't you just start charging the household staff to work there ? I'm sure they won't mind.
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