Postings plot

Does anybody know when the REME postings plot is due to be published?

My order was due last week but I think things are being held up due to the promotions boards. Can anybody give me a clue?
Promotion board out on 28 Jul - assignments should be released a month (or so) afterwards - so you should know in early Sept. Either way make sure you have an up to date SCR in.
I don't know what to do in regards to requests though. Request postings as lcpl or cpl?

Records said not to bother but I'm worried if I don't have something in place I will just get whatever is left over
Request a posting based on the type of unit and the locations you want. To a great degree that should not change whether you are a LCpl or a Cpl
If you think you are up for promotion ask for a posting for a job at that rank (if applicable,such as you know they have Cpl slots in the unit/area you want coming up there) shy bairns get nowt.
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