Postings in the UK South/ South East

Discussion in 'REME' started by ac55, Apr 21, 2011.

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  1. There are already some threads on postings, most are asking which have been peoples best and worst places they have been.

    I'm after a list of postings that I can look into, so if there is a site I can look at which maps them out or just lists them would be a great help.

    Have already been pointed to armynet but any other ideas are welcome, thanks
  2. any particular area in the SE?
  3. Any county really, Hampshire, Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey.
  4. Aldershot, Sandhurst, Bordon, Arborfield, Pirbright, Deepcut,

    Plent of units round these areas, I'm sure you could find a posting somewhere
  5. Tidworth, Thorney Island, Marchwood, Winchester.

    May be easier if you said what trade you are, different opportunities and all that
  6. Maidstone, Kent
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I didnt think there was anything left permanently in East Sussex.
  8. I would advise you be fairly specific in your SCR as you may get an area of the South you might not want or is a pants posting, like Abingdon for instance.... which apparently is South East, not something someone i know expected when he got it, but as records pointed out he asked for a first line posting SE and he got his wish, just happens to be with the Trogs and in camp where the infrastructure needs some serious work, even as a pad you might be lucky to get a quarter straight away as they are a bit short of SFA, he had to wait a month for one to become available.

    Also helps to have an idea of what unit you would like to serve with, some units are good all round for opportunities with regards to tours, courses for specific equipment and the way they are treated by the unit on a whole etc. Whilst some have a bad rep and tend to **** you over until they need something from you. Though to be honest it swings in roundabouts, as it tends to be driven by the upper echelons at the time and people move on and things change, though some units can be consistant! Yaaay!
  9. Thanks for the info, I'm not really to bothered about what kit the Unit has, would prefer a smaller Unit and I wouldn't mind going back to a mixed Unit as I have worked with the crabs for 2 years.
  10. Sarcasm alert!!

    MS Web - If your still stumped my those 5 letters speak to your OC/ASM/AQMS....toilet cleaner......pot washer....last but no means least G10 Storeman.

    Sarcasm alert over..that is all.