Postings in Germany......Help

Discussion in 'REME' started by Tactical_Ted, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Guys

    I need some help on deciding on my next posting. :?
    Im a class 2 techstmn due to pick up my 1st at the end of the month. can anyone recommend any good units. I'm keen to get to germany as ive heard loads of good stuff bout it (beer, fat-chicks etc). I was due posting originally in april but the top corridor here 'misplaced' the paperwork. Up until last week told i was 'pencilled in' for 3bn paderborn. But that has fallen through. Anyways im sitting down to write out yet another pref posting form and could use some experienced info.

  2. Get yourself to Gutersloh!
  3. anywhere in germany... quality of life is much better.... my favourite was padeborn, but Traz and herford were pretty good too. just stay away from UK cos it sucks!
  4. herford mate.

    top place. endless travelling possibilities and herforder pils

    lots of reme types there too, due to size of unit
  5. Bielefeld is quality, you could get 7 Tpt Regt RLC which isn't too bad, and the city more than makes up for any RLC failings mate.
  6. I know the new ASM (des). Get yourself there buddy - Don't know the old one but the new one is a soldiers soldier. Good times for that place I feel.
  7. W_N_S

    whoooa! Does this new ASM make up for the inept OC LAD there at the moment? Does dodgy OC + Top ASM = average LAD?

  8. Gutersloh. Awesome.
  9. Jump on a REME thread, however I think there is nothing wrong with Hohne/Fally/Celle even though people moan about it. You are in the the middle of two awesome city's for nights out, Hamburg and Hannover. The former having the Reeperbahn which is fantastic. But as with anywhere in Germany it's what you make of it!!
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  11. Biscuits_AB.

    Please explain ur last.
  12. In a word ...........'don't'
  13. Cheers guys,

    What medical regiments are there out there? Would you reccomend them for a crafty?
  14. Get yourself to an Engineer unit, you will have a ball!!
  15. Must admit Engineers all the way....Totally falls within the work hard play hard brackets....."naked bar".