Postings for MT SGTs?

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by DIESEL_WARRIOR, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    Im after some help here, Can any one tell me where there are MT SGT (RLC) position postings please?

  2. Are you sure your a Sgt? did you get that far?
  3. Wherever the army has Vehicles usually
  4. I can see why you have called yourself 'DIESEL...' spark what so ever!
  5. Thanx all for the constructive answers! Im well aware that MT post are where there are vehicles and MT's. And for the smart arse who asked if im "really a sgt... how did u get that far?" Well no i am not a sgt How ever the reason I am asking is because most MT seniors posistions are for SSGT. So Im guessing the responeses Iv had so far are from people who dont have an idea themselves or maybe I the question was not very clear.
    I am trying to find out what units have there MT's run by a SGT as most of the postings I no off are run by SSGT's.
    Any positive response would be of help.

  6. pot - kettle

    I thought REME Bns were meant to have them?
  7. Haha thanx.
    Thats the type of answers i was hoping for. Thanx for your answer BIPOLAR77
  8. yep fantastic response! give ur self a pat on the back!
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  10. guys i work with the fella asking about the MT SGT positions is it really worth all the bullshit in saying na dont really no lol!! as for verticalgyro !! mate , you really need to get out and get laid or go and take your copter for a thrashing ya wannabe chopper!!!!
  11. Why doesnt the MT Sgt as in emp -ty head ask his RCMO? or visit the APC website, or ask his pi55ing line manager?
  12. in a perfect or a large unit there will be MTO,MTWO,SSGT,SGT,CPL,LCPL ETC . bu at most units there are only Cpl running MT dept!! as for some one who doesnt work in an MT keep your bullshit to yourself!!
  13. Metz, that is what is meant by Diesel?...I am implying that he has NO spark, like a diesel engine

    I think you two must be related...mong!
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