Postings for last year/months of service

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gibson097, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. Straight to the point.

    What is the deal with getting a posting in a location of choice or near to home in your final year or months of service. I have heard a myriad of rumour and myth but I figure that is not "your privilege mate" or a done deal.

    how would you go about it i.e. Do you find a post or blag a job out of role. then suggest it to your unit/CO/manning and records/Admin office/Bezzer ???

    Basically help me get the feck out of here !!! (here being a dull town on the south coast) and nearer to Ohhhhhh say the Devizes area.

    thanks in advance all
    miserable of Gosport
  2. **** sake your only just an hour away from Devizes, I commute every day from Southampton to The plain.
  3. Well its more like 77 miles which makes a grand ole 144 miles and 4 hours of driving a day if I did it.

    Anyway thats not the point. Not wishing to cut descriptive corners but I am in a world of hate and pain and frankly Im done with this rectal cancer of a posting. So with 50 weeks to my 22 year point I figure its time for somewhere cushy and cosy and well just nice so I dont leave HM's shooting club all bitter and twisted !!
  4. When I PVR-ed in 1986 I was immediately zoomed away from Arboroath, some 15 miles from my fiancee and the wedding arrangements schwerpunkt and posted to Larkhill, where I spent four months on almost permanent Safety Officer duty.

    Couldn't make it up could you?
  5. Nope you couldnt. Better keep me head down lest I get shot off to Benbecula or the like.
  6. Any more ideas fellas ?
  7. Ask your RAO to show you the Final Tour of Duty package in the RAAC. It contains all the rules that you need and a form to apply with.
  8. Thanks for that, it was news to the admin office ! but they do have the forms so I could be on me way.

    thanks again


    apparently no good to me, there are some very narrow criteria, which I dont fit into. Bugger, If I was a gay single parent I would be quids in. Oh well Benbecula it is :(
  9. I was posted to my nearest TA unit and had 12 months gardening leave.Started my new job with 6 months still to go,2 pay packets.Luvely Jubbly.
  10. oh dear choke that's very illegal, you can only take paid employment either with CO's permission out of hours or during your Terminal Leave. Please supply Regtl details to the SIB soonest. lol

    Surprise to your RAO? What do they think the big blue booky thing on the shelf is for. Ask them to send this month's pay to the ABF cos they aren't earning it!
  11. CO decides what the out of hours are, so there is no problem.
  12. So not withstanding at_ease has anyone managed to blag this situation and get what they wanted or is it just a question of listening to the rumours and whispered suggestions ?

    Upavon would be nice for me ;) any tea boy jobs going there ?
  13. Miserable in Gosport.

    From QR's:

    9.264. Special privileges. A soldier listed in the categories below may apply to spend the last 6 months of his Colour service in the United Kingdom. The categories are:

    A soldier serving on an engagement on the completion of which he will have accrued 22 or more years Colour service. This is subject to the soldier being discharged at the end of his engagement or having given notice in the prescribed manner.

    Although not stated specifically in QR's, in an ideal world MRO should take into account of where a soldier wishes to settle on leaving and try and post them accordingly.