Postings for inst techs nowadays!



How do fellas! i need help!

ive been out of the loop as far as the inst tech trade goes for a while now and im due posting soon but aint got a clue whats goin on anymore! (sorry if this reads like twenty questions)
whats happening with elmpt nowadays? last rumour is it aint closing due to no money! if it is moving whats happening to 628 sig tp?
is cyprus and gib still running or have the civvies got there grubby little hands on them?
are there any slots for inst techs at 2 sigs anymore? if there is whats the crack? any good?
last one i promise! are there any slots for inst techs at 14 sigs? would be a handy posting for me if we are but if we just get used and abused is it worth it?

Elmpt will be open to at least 2015. There still are slots in Cyprus, but not many. 628 will stay untill Elmpt closes.
You will mostly likely go to 10SR where the majority of Inst Techs are brigaded. Gib is still there although very small. Cyprus are slowly drawing down but depends on your rank etc. There are some slots at 2SR but they are rank specific. Give the RCMO a call or go onto the SOinCs' blueprint and look up unit trade allocations.

Have fun :p
Give 241 Ops a call in Corsham. 241 is Mech-tastic and the Ops staffy is "friendly forces", so should be able to give you some advice. PM me if you want any numbers there.

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