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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by hey-up-cheeky, May 15, 2009.

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  1. the time of the year is here, i am putting in yet another PPP.

    Can anyone suggest a good posting for a class 1 cs op (RS OP) full screw.

    does anyone know if there are posts availible in canada ???

    Also whats the chance of getting loan service if put on a PPP ?

    cheers all

    (now waiting to be told 1 div and 7 ABSS is amazing !!!)
  2. The easiest and quickest way is to visit Armynet, find the promotions list for R Sigs Cpls for the last 2-3 years, and look at their locations.

    That won't tell you if a new job has been created and it won't necessarily show the E2 jobs, but it's a start. Having acquired that information, pay a visit to your RCMO.

  3. Why not try one of the volunteer units ? Great job satisfaction, travel, responsibility etc. You clearly don't know what 'type' of unit you want to go to. Try something totally different.
  4. i'm recruiitng at the minute, which is not too bad and has its perks ! but would love something completely different and individual (who doesnt) .

    I heard they were opening up more signals spaces in canada.

    Also what unit would i pretty much be guaranteed to go to afghan, as that is a plus ppoint for me !
  5. I would suggest 1 Sig Sqn (SC). Lots of operational work (not just the same old places), travel, responsibility and good blokes to work with. If you are more 'green' then why not try 18 SR ? Don't get bogged down in the the same old cycle (which I think you mentioned in your first post).
  6. As per the SOinC's new directive, these are the Corps' deployment Units for the forseeable future:

    1 Div
    3 Div
    2 Sigs
    21 Sigs
    22 Sigs

    That is not to say that you won't deploy with another Unit/trawl as 16 Sigs are due to go to sandpit quite soon.
  7. No permanent staff job in BATUS for a Cpl I'm afraid, I would recommend a Bde Sig Sqn, good high profile stuff for a full screw and you will get on tour. If you fancy a more strategic role then go to 30/2 Sigs.