Postings during training (doctor)

Im considering applying for a cadetship with RAMC. I was speaking to a Nurse in the army, who said that doctors cannot be sent to war zones until they are consultants. This would mean that I wouldn't get to go anywhere throughout my entire cadetship.

I wanted to know if this was true?? Because if it is, then when the recruiting booklets say that we would get to travel all over the world, they must be wrong?? And that was one of the main reasons why I wanted to apply.



I suggest you get that nurse and give him/her a damn good rodgering.

Once qualified, you can be employed as a GDMO (General Duties Medical Officer) and generally be employed all over, you could be forward with a regiment, medical section or rearward in the hospital. That nurse you spoke to is obviously 'very experienced.'
talk to RAMC recruiting at camberley - they'll tell you the more 'accurate' account of events.


Was your friend a TA nurse? I've heard it said TA Drs will only go out if they're consultant, but I've had two SHO friends go out, one regular, one TA, so I don't know how much truth there is in that rumour now.

You'll do your F1/2 at an MDHU. Then go to Keogh/Sandhurst/Birmingham/Winterbourne Gunner/etc to do your MO-type training.
If you're lucky and nice you might get to be an assistant RMO, which can either mean you get to do fun stuff in sandy places, or do the boring stuff while the RMO plays golf (or whatever floats his boat), OR you will be a doc with a med regt (can't tell you much about that, sorry).
Following that, you will start your specialist training, during which you may be called up for a 3 month stint wherever, and I also know of someone who's taking time out from his hospital training to work as a RMO.

From what I've heard, if you're pro-active, and not afraid to ask, you will get decent postings. You could probably quite easily mong about and never see action, but if you know the right people, you should be able to do what you want.

My advice:
a)Get in touch with RAMC recruiting (I'll PM the address if you don't have it)
b)Talk to as many serving Docs as you can. They all have massively different career paths, but you'll be able to see what's possible. HOWEVER, bare in mind a lot has changed since they were in your shoes, and even more will change by the time you get to their level. I just rang the recruiting offices of the regiments I was interested in and asked them to put me in touch with one of their MOs.
c)Arrange some visits to med centres etc.
d) As BP20 said - listen to the recruiting team, not rumour control.

If you're on facebook, there's an RAMC cadet group, you could ask questions on there too.

Good luck!


If you get selected to undertake consultant training (if you are good and lucky). You will be protected at certain times during your training but may be deployed if operational requirements dictate so.

Although the specialist medical teams deploying from secondary care are consultant led, many SpRs (including Orthopaedics and Anaesthetics) went on Op Telic! Most of them volunteered to go! The Defence Postgraduate Medical Deanery will tolerate a short period away from your training post without extending your Specilaist Training period.

Don't join the Army Medical Services if all you want is sponsored training! You'll be found out and you'll be unhappy. Don't join the Army Medical Services as a doctor if you want to do hard soldiering on ops. You'll be a different type of war hero than the boy's own characters!

There is always the TA (especially certain 'special' units) which you could join as a soldier (not officer) and do a tour at your pleasure! Then join the RAMC after you've got it out of your system and bring your experiences to the AMS. Once you're in as a Doctor, the Army needs those skills!

The Army does offer lots of travel opportunities and thankfull most of these do not involve op tours! The RAMC may sponsor your elective, if it is in the interest of the service.