Postings after training

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Petit_prince, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. I am the pirate king.
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  2. First off P-P, are you an officer? Have you passed out of RMAS?

    If so, I wouldn't have thought there are many langauge related jobs you can do just yet, they tend to be based around attache posts for officers. If you haven't joined up yet, ask your careers chap about Op MI (L).
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  5. or you could just check his other posts and conclude he is at sandhurst having come across from the senior service...
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  9. Oooh, NOW you're scaring me! Job at the DVA perchance when you retire?

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  15. i must confess to being surprised by this path. with respect to the AIB / RN officer training process... do you not have to learn about tactics etc?

    the norm is that our young officers from RMAS do a 6 month operational infantry attachment before doing their YO course at chicksands. are you also skipping this stage?

    i am baffled as to how an officer from the RN - no matter how good - can move across and slot into an army post without being properly trained.

    and if you've got a few months left at sea, i'd send off for an Arabic tape ;)