Postings after training

First off P-P, are you an officer? Have you passed out of RMAS?

If so, I wouldn't have thought there are many langauge related jobs you can do just yet, they tend to be based around attache posts for officers. If you haven't joined up yet, ask your careers chap about Op MI (L).
Petit_prince said:
First off, my apologies if this has been covered in detail elsewhere- I have in my defence checked through the stickies and availed myself of the search function, but have only found the barest of information; that a first posting will involve commanding a sub unit either collecting, collating analysing information.

Could anybody tell me what postings (in more specific terms) an officer might expect after junior officer's course? Is it possible to express a preference for a particular posting? I'm keen to learn some more languages- is this feasible early on in one's career?

Without going into too much detail, I'm imminently (subject to manning clearance etc) transferring to the Int Corps, and am not really sure what to expect post Chicksands. I'm not able to get any useful information locally, hence my question.

Please PM me if you have any useful information.

Thanks in advance


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i must confess to being surprised by this path. with respect to the AIB / RN officer training process... do you not have to learn about tactics etc?

the norm is that our young officers from RMAS do a 6 month operational infantry attachment before doing their YO course at chicksands. are you also skipping this stage?

i am baffled as to how an officer from the RN - no matter how good - can move across and slot into an army post without being properly trained.

and if you've got a few months left at sea, i'd send off for an Arabic tape ;)


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Petit_prince said:
Perevodchik et al- yes, I am indeed an Officer, currently in the RN. I've been told that I'm not required to go to RMAS, and am slated to go to Chicksands after my current posting ends later this year.

Are there any opportunities for officers to study for language qualifications, or is this the sole preserve of the Op MI(L)? Equally, is either Russian or French of any use in the current climate (or am I 20 years too late)? I'm trying to get to Beaconsfield to sit more exams, although being at sea isn't entirely conducive to good preparation. I've so far acheived AdCert French, and need to retake written Russian to gain my AdCert. I've also completed Operational German, but so long ago that I've little faith in my ability to actually make use of the language now.

Finally, is there any convention as to where officers are sent post JO's course? I've been told by friends in the Army (admitedly not in the Int Corps) that the majority of 1st postings are to Op Int based work, with a small number going to Humint. Is this the case, or just rumour?

Sorry for the number of questions,



Can't really help with much of that, but my own Beaconsfield course all those years ago had (Army) one 2Lt, two Lts, a shedload of Captains, a clutch of Majors and a Brigadier, plus a never-ending supply of fish head Lts and Lt Cdrs, who all seemed to be nuke engineers or aviators for some reason.

To the best of my knowledge, Her Majesty's trusty and well-beloved friends tend to use languages in either diplo or integree posts, so OF-3 and upwards almost exclusively. There may be some language-reliant HUMINT slots, don't know, there may still be some other E2 linguist slots around on the national side of things.

Whichever, the Int Corps DE officer isn't a specialist or a tradesman, really, he's an Army officer like all the others and has similar roles and responsibilities, not least making sure that his senior NCOs and Warrant Officers get bacon sandwiches, Embassy cigarettes and frequent brews (that's what I always told my DE officers, anyway). The Corps tends to keep its technical expertise in the ranks and with the LE officers.

That all said, welcome to the Corps.
Fraser said:
Not forgetting the DE posts on the darkside. There opportunities for posting to 14 as an Int Off or a Tp Cmdr.

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