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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 18, 2004.

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  1. To those droning on about the RGJ companies and telling tales of woe and despondancy - can you stop?

    All you are doing by posting what often seems to be fiction, is giving the impression to the wider readership of this Forum that there is a huge amount of in-fighting going on within the Battalion.

    There is not.

    There is inter capbadge rivalry - but there is inter Company rivalry within single cap badged units. There is no harm in this, in fact I would say it is positively healthy as it gives that added incentive to be seen to excel.

    By airing (non-existant ) dirty washing in public, you are doing the entire Regiment - every cap badge - a huge disservice.

    If you dont like it, hand your kit in or change units.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    They will stop, I've locked the thread :cool:

  3. I thought we'd all finished with this yesterday and moved on somewhat, with discussion as to how a 2nd Bn could be structured / located / etc.


    Let's look forward not back, and build on the many strengths that the Regt has :)
  4. I wasnt aware that there was as much of it as all that - or that it had got to the extent that it warranted the locking of a thread. [Will have to go look now just to see].

    But yes - healthy rivallry is a good thing, be it between different cap badges, or different companies.

    Just has to be reined in before it gets to ridiculous levels.

  5. Yes - me again, so soon.....

    I took the time to peruse the latest 6 pages of the other Londons thread and it did get a bit heated.

    Not sure I can adequately comment. I was with Londons not long after forming and there was some ribbing and rivalry between the cap badges and it definitely spurred on an extra element of competition. However there didnt seem to be anything on the scale of the current level of vitriolic exchange.

    Whether it is really that evident within the battalion, or whether it is just a few core people on here I cannot say - have only been anywher near the unit twice recently since 1996/7. I have missed the RGJ integration.

    But like it or not - that's the way it is and the various elements of the battalion would be better acepting the fact and finding a way to move forward together.

    And that's my tuppence worth!

  6. Voicing such issues in public does nobody a service.

    The Londons are earning a good name at the moment, with their efforts in Basra. That is being earned by EVERY cap badge.

    Some people should think more, post less.
  7. Thought Police alert 8O 8O 8O
  8. Londons, you share a common history (not realy related to their parent regimental capbadges today).

    56th (London) Division (or 1st London Div)
    made up of
    Royal Fusiliers, Oxs and Bucks, London Irish, London Scottish and Queens

    The Tyne Tees Regt have looked back to their common history, they don't seem to have much in fighting
  9. Indeed we do have a have a long and proud common history, which some seem to have forgotten. We share many battle honours from 56 and 47 Div, even stretching as far back as London Imperial Volunteers.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Nope, it was sliding towards personal slanging and willy waving, and that belongs in the NAAFI.

  11. Polar,

    Sorry, never any Ox and Bucks in 56 Div (or 47 Div for that matter).
  12. A trip to my bookshelves has revealed the following:

    Of the 24 Bns that made up the 56th and 47th Divisions in 1916, 22 were from the London Regiment. Of these 13 were rifles in the true sense and 11 were heavy.

    56 (London) Division order of Battle 1916:

    167th (1st London) Bde: 1/7th Middlesex Regt, 1/8th Middlesex Regt, 1/1st Londons (Fus), 1/3rd Londons (Fus)
    168th (2nd London) Bde: 1/4th Londons (Fus), 1/12th Londons (Rangers – A Coy 4RGJ), 1/13th Londons (Pricess Louise’s Kensington - now 41 Sig Sqn), 1/14th Londons (London Scottish)
    169th (3rd London) Bde: 1/2nd Londons (Fus) 1/5th Londons, (LRB – C Coy 4RGJ) 1/9th Londons (QVR – HQ Coy 4 RGJ), 1/16th Londons (CSR – B Coy 4 RGJ)

    47 (2nd London) Division order of Battle 1916:

    140th (4th London) Bde: 1/6th Londons (KRRC), 1/7th Londons (KRRC) 1/8th Londons (Post Office Rifles, RB), 1/15thLondons (CWR – B Coy 4RGJ)

    141st (5th London) Bde: 1/17th Londons (THR – Sp Coy 4RGJ), 1/18th Londons (LIR) 1/19th Londons (St Pancras Rifles KRRC) 1/20th Londons (Blackheath and Woolwich Rifles).

    142nd (6th London) Bde: 1/21st Londons (First Surrey Rifles) 1/22nd Londons (Queens) 1/23rd Londons (Surreys), 1/24th Londons (Queens).

    A couple of points to ponder:

    The London Regiment was the largest infantry regiment the British Army has ever had having 88Bns at it's peak in 1916. All these were territorial - no regular Bn and no consript manpower.

    At the beginning of 1916 the London Regiment had 64 of it's 88 Bns on Ops.

    The London Regiment had 88,000 casulaties in WW1.
  13. As stated by many before, we have a common history and The London Regt is a title to be proud of.
  14. I was quoting from the WW2 Orbat, (and wrongly guessed they were ancestors of your London RGJ).