Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by signals, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. found out my first posting is 200 sigs at sennelager anyone got any views on the place good or bad, thanks
  2. When you get there can you ask them to come and pick their kit up from 3bn REME. :x :x :x Only been asking for 6 months.
  3. By all accounts I'm under the impression that it is a good unit, i have been to sennelager a couple of times but not for a while so i'm not too sure what it will be like once you get there, sorry i can't help anymore than than that but hopefully you won't be worrying too much about it.
  4. Nice one mate,first night in pigs bar , ask for a top shelf and can you do the "dance of flaming arrsholes" . Should stand you in goodstead for rest of posting
  5. its in germany = good

    its a brigade = hard work

    itll get you promoted if you arent a twat = good

    its right next to a training area = bad/good

    got a mate there who says he hates it and another who says its alright. eitehr way you cant change your posting now... enjoy!
  6. thanks for the advice im looking forward to it, whats the day to day work like? if your not doing more training or exercises, are you maintaining kit for inspections and things? thanks
  7. i was there 02 was the best unit i have ever had the pleasure of serving at seriously great goes by the old saying "work hard play hard".
    heard its gone down hill a bit but its what you make it and whos there. was full of nut cases then so made it even better.
    day to day works like what you would normaly do anywhere but if it hasnt changed too much you will be away a hell of a lot and on exercise a lot.
    hope its not changed too much for you ENJOY
  8. You will always be a lesser unit than 207 sigs in glorious hohne !
  9. I wonder where you are then? :wink:
  10. Bad Points:

    Sennelager, go to the strip and get beaten up every weekend, fantastic place (NOT)

    Quality accommodation (not)

    Good points:

    Closer to the port than Herford or Hohne.

    Some good breweries in the area.

    Helpful RMP Det / bed and breakfast one night free of charge :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  11. Mate, you're a Monkey , you should be used to that. Its part of the whole "special relationship" that you lot have with the rest of the Army. :)
  12. Best unit I was at, 2001-2003. Very hard work, sh!t blocks, strip is crap, you get the crap kicked out of you most weekends by the infantry, lots of exercises/tours etc, you'll either love it or hate it.

    Make the most of it and don't turn into an alcy going to the Senne Eck all the time, get some mates together and visit places at weekends, loads to see and do in that part of Germany.
  13. for relaxation try tingle tangles and golden times wooo hooo
  14. Any posting is what you make it!......

    I'll get me coat.....

  15. golden times??? there's one of those in Bruggen. awesome place..... so I've been told :)

    isnt there a whore house just outside the main gate into sennelager? unfortunately it doesn't appear as a POI on tomtom :(