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  1. I am about to transfer to the QARANC, my interview is coming up. I am already a registered nurse from before I joined the army and have recently renewed my NMC registration. I am told by certain people that I should be promoted to acting corporal, is this true. Also I am settled in germany with my family and am working in a med centre pending my transfer to gain more clinical experience. I know of at least one vacant post within this garrison. So my question is do I have much chance of getting this, or any Germany posting in Primary care if I express a desire for this at interview. I would value any advice or information on this subject. :?:
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    So you'll be off to Catterick then- Good Luck.
  3. No, Frimley or some other MDHU for you. As for Germany to be honest its unlikely you will ever see it again. You stand more chance of going to either MRS Dhekelia or TPMH than BAOR. As for rank YES ACPL is given to all RGN on completion of basic training so I guess it’s the same for transfers as well.
  4. They tried putting new entries straight into German med centres a couple of years ago. Nothing ever came of it, probably because there are limited units and it is a 5 year posting. To be honest, unless you have some sort of super duper post reg qualification that makes you perfect for primary care, then chances are you're off to an MDHU. To the best of my knowledge there have been very few new QAs to enter med centres straight off recently (I only know of one, and that was for reasons that I shall not enter into here).

    As for the promotion, you will enter at the rank of acting corporal until you pass your JMQC, which you'll probably be on within the first year, when you'll be given substansive corporal.
  5. the last course to qualify from UCE got a few germany postings
  6. Luck few then!
  7. i dont know how many, but the few i spoke to weren't very happy about it!!
  8. What!!!!! are they mad - the land of tax free cars etc, working with the service population that they joined to care for with added benifits of easy travel to just about everywhere in Europe.

    What would they preferr, MDHU FP. Good god you just can't please some.
  9. typical!! you join the army to be posted where you want and what happens? they send you to where they need you!! Bloody Army, No consideration!

    Reality check required at UCE please :roll: tossers deserve 16CS as a first posting!
  10. agreed it frees up the LOA for me.
  11. Agreed. Difficult to believe the amount of whinging that occurred among my cohort when I qualified. I find it hard to comprehend what these fcukin tw@ts think they've joined.

    Problem is, loads of them got almost immediate posting changes because they cried in the right ear.

    Tits and tears, never fails :roll:

    I'll be the first to admit that nurses get the easiest time of anyone in the army. I can't believe there are people who have the gall to then complain about having to go to a certain post, just because it isn't their first choice.
  12. You should of heard the moaning that used to go on on a night time down the CMH QA billets shocking I tell you!! :p ........oh sorry not that type of moaning :oops: !!!!

    To be honest handbag split arrse's have always complained better than most (not all so don't start, I married Grey Mafia so I hear the whinging daily!!) not happy unless everything is laid out on plate, then they would still whinge!!.

    A posting to the promised land of Gyros, wobbly, Herfy handbags, frikas and ten mark alleys and they are not happy 8O !, do they have a pulse :? ?!!!!.