Discussion in 'REME' started by Lanky06, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. All postings are what you make of them.
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  2. Seriously? This is how you gain information on your first posting? You'd take the advice of a bunch of people you dont know, many of whom finished their service decades ago and base a decision on it?!

    Stop being so lazy, speak to the people around you. Permanent staff, Tiffy students, Upgraders all have current field force experience. Try to find out which Brigades are deploying on tour, who are going to Canada or Kenya on Battlegroup exercises (if that flicks your switch). Find out what units are strong in the sports you like (if that flicks your switch) or try to find what LADs are pulling back from BFG if you want to see something different (because by the time you finish your first posting we will be almost out of there and thats another overseas posting gone, never to be returned.)

    Do the legwork yourself and then put your PPP in. Don't be surprised if you get something completely different, shit happens.
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  3. HCR...
  4. Are you a politician now :?. I said all that in only 8 words :).
  5. you may even get a cushy medics TA post when you grow up
  6. Never had a choice in my day ~ went where the Centurion sent you

    And FO about cushy medic postings will ya ~ could take offence you know..........
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  7. Well not trying to be pedantic but I gave him advice to try to make a more personal choice of posting, you alluded to the fact that he will shape it...

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  8. So - from the several posts on arrse you have made you want an SF attachment, a transfer to the Air dispatch role and a posting at an LAD.

    I suggest you just whack those three on a PPP and see what you get. APC won't have a clue where to send you - but then you don't have a clue where you want to go.
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