What is the amount of time which you have to be at your unit before requesting to be posted. It may sound bad, that i have only been at my new unit for 3 weeks, but already i am regretting it. Anyone who can help please message me. Im even considering signing off.
AWOL is a lot quicker than a request
yeah, if you cant take a joke......
Do a Joe Glenton, or a Deepcut.
OK. give us a clue. Is this your first posting? You second? Are you the new RSM at a training regiment and you have just realised you don't like shouting at people? Have you been attached to an RAF unit and realised you'd like to be a civvy like them?
Well. it must be a pretty shit place if you feel like that after all that time. Is it the place, the people or the job? Or a combination of all the above? I had a pretty shit posting after being in for many years but managed to stick it out for a year before managing to get out of the place. That was the job, though, which was a bit of a shitty non-job. If it's the people, take comfort in the fact that they will get posted and things change rapidly. If it's the place, then there are many shittier ones in civvy street.
AWOL after the amount of posting you've had would be a pretty drastic step and you would lose any benefits you've already accrued.
Are there any specialist type postings you can apply for? Not knowing what you're in, things like training posts, White Helmets, KAPE (do they still do those?) etc. Or a long course somewhere you could apply for? I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities and they will still be asking for volunteers for things. (Keep away from the research into influenza at Porton Down, though).


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2 years or comp move.

5th posting, man up. It's an assignment ORDER, get over it.
Shit posting?

Time to initiate - "Operation Cygnet"

Duck, dive, dodge out of as much work as you can. Interesting pastime.

Use the maxim - M.E - Minimal Effort. Then, get angry, bitter and turn to alcohol.
I echo B&T mostly,

However IIRC I thought minimum time at new Unit is 12 months,

I have known someone who managed a Comp Posting with a Maximum time of 8 months!!

Lastly don't even bother with AWOL route it will just complicate your situation and you'll regret it!!
Have you included basic trg, trade training and driver trg in your "postings"? 5th posting and your thinking of going awol?This has to be a wah otherwise your the new troop staffy and your troop think your a nob!I claim my £5 and your mums soiled knickers. Oh FFS!

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