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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Ancient_Hush_Puppy, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. I've recently followed recent postings on a topic which began with a link to a media report on an inquest into the tragic and untimely death of a SIB SNCO whom I had previously served with and mentored. Sadly in recent years RMP have lost several personnel during Op Telic deployments. I do not believe that I'm alone in following these news reports and in wishing to discuss reasonably and objectively issues arising with others on forums such as ARRSE or the Old and Bold. Such postings also allows Arrse members an avenue to express their own grief over individual losses. My reason for this post is that I cannot see how the poster contravened the board rules by simply including a hyperlink to a BBC website story.

    By writing this I am not throwing down the gauntlet to the board moderator nor am I being a smart aleccy barrack room lawyer as to my mind they are very real topics worth stimulating and rational discussion. In that vein I would be interested to hear the obective and insigtful comments of others.

    My thoughts are that if too rigid guidelines on postings are followed topics become anodyne and uninteresting.

    Over to you

    Ancient Hush Puppy
  2. Nice thought (I posted the thread on Denise's inquest which was slapped down and locked). However, seeing just how a thread can degenerate into utter tosh (Deepcut report), I wonder if it is possible to have any really serious discussion where standards of moderation vary so much. The fact that any debate here would centre on what are known as 'monkey' activities would also open it up to the Monty Python script writers.
    So, on the whole, I suppose it is best to go with the flow. This does leave unexplored just why a SIB unit could be run so as to lose two members in one theatre in a short space of time. Other threads here have suggested that there certainly are deficiences in the present day sybill but also that if one wishes to progress one must swallow many things that previously would have been roundly discussed within, with and exterior of CoC.
    If this thread is to run, the ARRSE posters will decide.
  3. I see the point you are trying to make as well.
    I've spent most of the time logging on reading what the RMP topics are, having a good laugh at some of ORC's, B_AB's and NM's comments. Obviously the ones about the people with whom I'd also served with but I believe at different times to B_AB and NM and I've never commented before.
    I too had served with Den but before her SIB days and having read other threads and also the comments in the UK papers about what was initially said at the inquest, which may or may not have been taken out of context (I don't know I wasn't there); I just wanted on ORC's initial thread to ask the people who would have subsequently joined in not to bad mouth her. (Like the Deepcut example).
    I was surprised about the pm's that i got afterwards reference my comments on ORC's thread. You can just never be sure with whom you are really discussing the topic with can you?
    But repeating myself here, I see your point.
  4. I think you'll find that the thread was closed so as not to draw any adverse comment such as the one that ******** STonker made about HJ and his crew in one of the others, by referring to them as a 'bunch of untrained Walts'. Also, I believe that the inquest into Denise's death was still ongoing at the time.

    I support the MODs decision on this and if you look deep enough, you'll find that the MOD for this forum actually lets quite a bit go by before he closes a thread or deletes a post.
  5. I agree with your opinion below as to 'our' mod. I think that one has to accept that there will always be the risk of inappropriate postings but a good mod will either strike them - and risk 'censorship' criticism or give gypsies warning when things start to go off track. At the end of the day it is the mods trainset and he gets to play with it as he sees fit. This does leave unanswered some concerns that might benefit from an airing.
  6. Personally, I think that the Mods walk a tightrope here. I am constantly amazed that this site has not been closed or subject to legal censure before now. Most of the credit for this is down to them. There is no course for being a Mod and yes sometimes they are wrong but what the heck, in the main they get it right.

    Remember, we posters have agreat deal of 'insider' knowledge and could do a great deal of harm if we aren't kept in check. Saying that I do think there is a public interest angle here. We all know that there is a fundamental problem in the management of the Corps which has evolved since 1945. It would seem that year by year the problem has magnified to a level of incomprehensible incompetence which is compounded year on year. We have between us knowledge and experience of this between 1952 and 2006 a far broader view of anyone now serving.

    Yes I believe that the tragic events in Iraq over the last few years are connected to this, but what about the other impacts how many people have come off the rails along the way? I think that a sensible, but bloody controversial debate could safely take place without direct refererence to those who have died in Iraq and whose inquests have not yet concluded. I for one would love to see individuals brought to account for their actions and ommissions.
  7. I'll be Provost Marshall before that ever happens.
  8. Gizza a job!
  9. You mean, you're not?
  10. OK, I was only kidding.

    A.B. Biscuits
    PM (A)
  11. like on all forums the mods are just doing there job and by closing the thread down he saved denise's memory from being trampled on. denise was my cousin and i personally am glad that the thread was stopped before it got out of control. its not good to hear bad things about anybody who are not in the position to give there own side of the story.
    Unforunatly thats what the MOD have done to denise by getting there chosen verdict at her inquest.
    many thanks to the moderator who saved more heartache...
  12. It's been said before here but it is worth saying again.

    No one who knew Denise would want her memory sullied by the Mongs and Trolls who can't see past the colour of the beret we wear.

    Unfortunately, there are people out there who could just not wait to line up and take a pop, so I think the Mod took the right decision in removing the thread until such a time as the inquest was over.

    Now it is, the thread is allowed back and the subject matter can be discussed - as requested - calmly and rationally. I see no fault in requesting such a debate, I just don't feel it could have happened at the time, with all due respect, ORC posted the original thread.

    My thoughts - especially at this time of year - are with the families of our Corps members who have lost their lives. May they Rest In Peace, and I hope that all of you in ARRSEland have a very happy Christmas, and my best wishes to you all for a peaceful New Year.