Posting to QRL

soon to be posted to QRL anybody got any views on the unit would be appreciated. Going to LAD like a fish out of water having never touched a cvrt in all seriouseness ooooppppss :frustrated:
The best 4 years I've ever had(appart from BATUS), mind you that was when they were in Osnatraz. Brilliant unit, they love the REME and treat you like one of the family. Still keep in touch with a couple of them.
totally agree matreg, was with them in the osnatraz for three years great guys to work with and great mess life too
Had a bloody marvellous time with them. Without a doubt the best unit it has been my good fortune ever to serve with. Served with C Sqn in 5th Tp (and boy did the ASM dislike that!) Worked on both Chally 1 and Chally 2. Did 3 years, extended for 4 and had another extension in when I got promoted and posted. Had to think long and hard about asking for a tranfer to the QRL rather than accept the posting. In the end I accepted the posting. LOL can I make it ANY clearer as to how good a unit this is?.
I was there Dec 97 till Aug 2000, was Inspections then moved down to
A Sqn
Totally agree with everyone, was there for 3 1/2 years (was CR1 tho')and loved it, the regiment was great and certainly felt like one of the family. Enjoy a great unit
I had the honour of serving with these guys when they first arrived on the scene in Osnabruck. We weren't sure what to expect as we were all 4RTR LAD originally but in a short space of time they showed us that we had nothing to worry about. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them & was gutted when a posting order arrived condemning me to 3 long, hard years with 12 regt RA. That's the only downside of a decent posting, REME MRO make you pay for it afterwards!
Nothing but good news, awesome unit, served 9 years in 2 different postings with them, and tried to transfer on numerous occasions, if i had my time again i would of been a "death or Glory" boy from day 1.
Ah, its still a scarlet or blue thing.......
BOTH are good but together they're better.
I know scarlet and green is a damened fine drink, I had many (too many) of them in the mess!
So what squadron were you mate, or were you in the office up top? Feel free to PM to put me out of my misery justso we have no opsec prob :thumright:
I was there at the same time as-well Humph, but you can probably tell who I am by my avtar. Left there in 2001 to BATUS
No doubt you worked in the same place as a certain kilted tighthead prop, taff?
I seem to remember propping aginst you after a certain mechanic who was a kissball referee failed to manage the job :thumright:
matregs said:
I was there at the same time as-well Humph, but you can probably tell who I am by my avtar. Left there in 2001 to BATUS
i can,t but i can tell your a turk!!! :thumright: the best team won today matregs!!!!
Humph, I've still got the sore neck to this day, I'll never forget him saying to me, "can you swap sides with me as Humph is hurting me," with a little tear in his eye. LOL.
He was the only kiss-ball ref that could referee a whole game from the center circle.
PM me to let me know what your up to.

Bring on Munster H/C final here we come

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