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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Darren Josiah, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. Hi my question starts with where should I move to, paderborn or Detmold? There are a few other questions as well. We have 3boys aged 4 3 and 1 plus two dogs. We understand that the drive to paderborn from Detmold is about 40minutes on a good day. Where are the better schools and what are they like? Also how many kids per class. Is there anywhere to walk the dogs in paderborn and do the houses have basements in paderborn? What are the chances of us being given a flat if we move to paderborn? Any help would be great.
  2. A long time since I was there (over 10 years ago) but when I was in Sennelager my Married Quarter was a 4 bed Flat in Schloss Neauhaus which is between Sennelager and Paderbourn and where a good proportion of larger families went. MQ's were of a good size as per most German Quarters and buses laid on for the schools. As said could be outdated now but not too bad a place.... I had some friends up in Detmold MQ's and to be honest they didnt rate the MQ's or the daily bus journeys they had to Paderbourn. If the MQ's are still in Schloss Neauhaus then quite well situated and even though flats weren't bad at all with a kindergarten straight opposite(where I presume your kids will go to start with (then buses to first schools)....hopefully some more up to date info is out there.......loads of places to walk the dogs
  3. Go to Paderborn. It has better bars, club, and slags, than Detmold.
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  4. Hi mate, I only moved back from detmold 2 years ago. Go for detmold. With three kids you tend to get a bigger house with a massive garden. It's a 35 minute drive but you can car share with someone so it's not too bad.

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  5. Good chance of getting snowed in during winter at Detmold (clearly, not for the whole winter, but frequently on the days that it snows).
  6. B_AND_T

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    I doubt if you will get a choice.
  7. Been a long time since I was in Paders! But by feck did I enjoy it, City club, Uncle Toms Cabin, Red house, Beer Keller, The bowling and bar in the Sud ring. the TOC H for Sat/Sun brunch and papers if you missed the cookhoose.
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  8. Go for Detmold. You can stop off in the layby on the way back and join the queue for the pikey prozzie like all the other pads.
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  9. Bloody hell! Is she still there?
  10. The Detmold has more brothels and the route to work has lay-bye lils, now relocated a bit, Paderborn just has a few scabby nuns, a few minor filthy bunk up shops and the geriatrics in the Bienenkorb.
  11. Paderborn is an ideal place for families i spent 7 years there, my wife and young 3 kids at the time throughly enjoyed the moment. Great centre and lots of culture - good shops - schools and pads also good gyros and zatziki (gob drooling) Lets face it you probably won't be spending much time due to mil commitments elsewhere - but your family will, and thats wot counts your wife my have a lot more chance of part time work if she wishes. Have a nice time
  12. Paderborn without a doubt. Nobody likes Detmold
  13. Sorry to jump in on this thread but I've just received a posting to paderborn. My question to you all is what is the best airport to fly back to Scotland from the area. I have to travel back twice a month to see my little girl but after looking I can't see which is the better/ easier airport to fly from Dortmund or hamburg? Does anyone have any experience of this.


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  14. Why not fly from Paderborn to Scotland???

    Paderborn airport information at Skyscanner