posting to germany

Once there LOA (overseas Allowance) different rates depending on married and number of kids. Tax free allowances on Booze and fags (cigarettes to the US) you get a ration card. Fuel Ration card for very cheap fuel (was about 1/3 the price when I was there last). When you move if a pad you can get up to 5 nights in a hotel between the two sides booking through CHBO and up to £21 a day each for food but check with your CC for full details.
acm2205 said:
can anyone tell me what benefits, financial or not i will recieve when posted to germany?
Nato Cars springs to mind ;:)

Not sure if it is still inforce now, but NAAFI, had a strict amount of straight alcohol they could sell you (ration card based) I.E, SCOTCH. BRANDY ETC

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