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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by LEGZ30, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. It has been a few years since I last posted something to a BFPO address but any time I have done it before I have addressed it with, name, unit, BFPO number.

    I have to send a cheque to a bloke for something I bought on flea bay. The address he gave me consists of:

    His Name
    His Sqn
    His Unit

    I queried it but he didn't reply and then the payment reminder had the same address so I sent it. It didn't get there, I thought the address was probably the problem. He, however, is still insisting that I need to put the Millhill, London, NW71PX bit onto the bottom.

    Is he correct?
  2. Usually:

    Number, Rank, Name
    Op or Ex (if applicable)

    No more. Less may look a bit dodgy.
  3. He is correct - and it should have got to him that way. The post code is the correct one and I have received quite a few things that way from firms that couldn't cope with a 'normal' BFPO address...

    You don't need to put 'Mill Hill' on the address as this is covered in the post code. You should however, put a space betwen BFPO and 17 = BFPO 17 and likewise in the postcode = NW7 1PX

    However, if you are sending it via the Royal Mail, BFPO 17 should suffice...

  4. Postcode's changed now guys, BFPO London is in Ruislip, RAF Northolt. I'll get the postcode and full address in work tomorrow and post on here.
  5. The BFPO website says what I said. The system differs if it's a package sent by a commercial organisation, but a letter containing cash should just be sent Special Delivery (for compensation purposes) as normal.
  6. If posting manually in a normal post box / office none of that Mill Hill bollocks is necessary, that postcode is only normally needed when using electronic systems that dont recognise BFPO addresses.

    His Name
    His Sqn
    His Unit

    Should do it nicely. :D
  7. Very true CS, but many companies don't deliver to these addresses, as their antiquated computer systems do not recognise the post code.

    I've had a look in work as promised, here's the new shadow address;

    BFPO London
    West End Road
    HA4 6DQ

  8. From the BFPO website:
  9. It worked without the London bit and the cheque arrived, so he is happy and I am happy.

    Thank you to everyone who replied.
  10. If i want to register an address for my fleabay purchases to be sent to. Which address should i use? Mill Hill or Ruislip?
  11. When I use Amazon or E-bay I always put the Ruislip address because some sellers think that BFPO will cost them a fortune in postage costs and will cancel your order.
    If you message the seller and ask if he/she sends to BFPO and they say no, give them the Ruislip address and they will accept it!

    Same with when Ordered my laptop from Dell, they would only send it via the Ruislip address because its the only way it could be tracked.
  12. I have ordered something online in the past to a BFPO address and the courier pitched up at the maingate in Dungannon. Errr Cpl buddon there's a package at the front gate for you... (tea then spluttered over pc)
  13. Surely if you are deplyed then the mail that is sent to your unit's base location would be forwarded on? This is how I have gotten around the BFPO address. With the Royal Maiil charging a fortune for special delivery to he BFPO address in the past my missus sent it 2 miles down the road!
  14. Royal mail shouldn't be charging extra for BFPO addresses overseas. The postage paid gets the item to Northolt, the army pays and organises the rest of the journey. Sounds like you were ripped off there.