posting to 4 GS

Can anyone give me some advice on a posting to 4GS, i have done the 16 CS thing and frankly cant stomach any more maroon, airborne, para, hats type stuff.
As cheesy as it sounds i just wanna have some job satisfaction, and am not getting it at current post.
Dont mind touring,can handle fast balls, med covers etc just no more attitude please.
any help with this would be gratefully recieved.


May I suggest you drink in The Traf in the Shot... you'd like it in there...
Ah c'mon there has to be more medics out there who are familiar with 4GS and their magical work.
Throw me a fricken bone.
The centre of Aldershot. As a garrison prob the best med reg place to be posted to.

As for 4's activities on ops I don't personally know, but, from guy's that I do know that have done time with 4 they have had a good time there.

Worm on a stick, thanks for the advice, i appreciate the help its not easy trying to get the right post for yourself /family thats why i've been asking about ballykelly/RRF- cyprus and also 4GS just trying to get the general feel of whats around before putting pen to paper.

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