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Hi guys, I've recently finished my B3 course (about 4 weeks ago); at the moment I'm waiting for my trade course to start at Chatham (Electrician).

I received my posting about a week after doing my final B3 exercise which was my first choice 33(eod).

Now I have all the information on my trade course that I need, but alas I have no real information on the eod course or any information about the camp/wimbish etc.

My reason for asking on here and not anyone at gib/HIVE is that I’m actually on leave at the moment!

So if anyone has any information that they are willing to share on:
1. EOD course
2. wimbish/surrounding area
3. How cool the guys are at 33!

Thanks for reading!
The courses - basically you need you to apply yourself, you should appreciate why-EOD done badly needs more than Brufen!

The area is what you make of it, but try not to fall in the trap of 'drink til drop', the Regt has plenty to offer it is up to you to find out what, you have taken the first steps!

The lads (and lasses) are like any other Regt Good Bad and indifferent, where you fit in is up to you see point one above!

EOD offers challenges not seen elsewhere it also brings with it a high attrition rate due to the specialised nature of the work and some of the less well known taskings the Regt has.

I spent my last couple of years there and I am no Bomb God, but can only say I tried to get to 33 from way back when they where across the road at Chattenden, then in typical Corps humour, finally got there to late to the fun bit with bombs.

Good luck stay safe and get used to wearing sandy cams

The stay safe goes for all Soldiers not just Sprs or even 33, but please someone make sure Mitch isn't still alseep in the store:)

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