Posting to 32 Regt RA

Does anyone know, is there any room for the 140 odd thats meant to be posted their, well until the goal posts move.
Be careful, it was the worst Regiment in the Army when they were in Dortmund. The RSM was a lanky chopper called Tiny *****es. The CO was called Blea** and was even worse. The Regiment was brill until these two choppers took over.

RSM Hill and the previous CO were fantastic, they led the Regt brilliantly on Gulf War 1. Then the two w*nkers took over.

Check them out first mate.

Good Luck, and I hope the Regt is back to it's best now.
I agree with the above post. who can forget the P I D S speech off Bleas*. if you were there you will remember it. I did
Just left sunny Roberts Bks. The QM is doing his knut trying to think of places for people, higher formation types won't plan for a 4th equipment bty until big Geoff has signed the Defence White Paper authorising it / sacking all of us, and frankly there's barely room to swing a UAV with 19 Regt next door spilling out like Jordan on a Saturday night ... :D

Good place to go though if you want to be busy - UK military's only UAV capability. Whether anyone cares or not, people in higher places think this matters, so 32 are going to be up to their ears in gongs and trips abroad for a while yet...
32 Regt is actually quite a good Regt to be at. There's some excellant guys there. The current hierachy are pretty good too. Yes, they're busy but it keeps them out of Larkhill.
Worked with these guys on Gulf Punch-up 1.

Found them very professional at all levels and ranks.

As previously mentioned, the CO and RSM of the time ran a tight ship and it showed in the approach of the regiment to the task. Personalities do change, and we have all seen units have a hard time when plonkers are given the helm. I cannot believe though that the "regimental" character would have changed though, and at grass roots level I am sure the lads still have the same approach to the job.
was in 32 for a short spell when 42 went there any of the boys that have gone on telic send me a message on here or bluey i went to germany for 2 years if u don't who this!!!!
Spent about 5 years there on and off, spent most of it trying to get away, I dispised it becuase the rocket jokeys had zero respect for my lot even though we did the Cambrian Patrol and the Div Light Fighter in their name, I actually prefered the CO ad RSM mentioned over the tools that took over, the CO I thought was a total biased cnut, thing was he was a returning BC and was loved by his lot but was completly in-effective.

Saying all that its no worse than many units

Not sure what it will be like now all the units are doing the same role, might actually perform like a regt for once, however I feel you will spend most of your time working as individual Btys rather than a regt.

Oh and gongs galore, I like the 7th claim of, try being with our lot, ubique is never more prevalent
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