Posting to 3 Yorks

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Mr_Wimpy, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi,just been informed of a posting to Warminster ,are their anyone about to give me a heads up on what i can expect.I'm RLC...You can gess by my nickname the job i do.Thanks for any help....
  2. It's a strange one, the gaurdroom is in the middle of the camp.
  3. I actual served with IDWR now 3 Yorks for the full 22 years in the regimental Band (Hook Company) I left the 'Dukes' in 1993.

    Our recruiting area was South & West Yorkhire, even though I am from North Yorkshire.

    Our home town was Halifax

    What I found was that many in the 'Dukes' speak as they find... very direct not for the faint of heart, on the whole an excellent bunch of lads..salt of the earth.

    A good solid county infantry regiment very much unsung heroes in my opinion

    I suggest that you access the Duke Of Wellingtons Regimental Association web site, there is info on 3 Yorks. Hope this helps Good with the Dukes