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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by poshjock9, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. We finally get to put our posting proformas in today. 4 armoured was one of my choices but apparently they are moving to Catterick. Is this true and if so, when do they move?
  3. get your ass to 7 armd bde ! it rocks !
  4. If you're leaving your Cl 3 and ask for a posting somewhere, from personal experience they'll send you somewhere you don't want to go. It's a lottery as far as I'm concerned getting posted from your Cl 3 or Cl 1.
  5. 4 Mech Bde bugs out to Catterick Garrison Jun-Aug 08.....Get youre arrse here if you wish to spend your time packing up the hangars ready for the move on rear party!!!
  6. Another posting in the North now. Good for many people.
  7. Very True PD......I dont think we'll be short of peeps after coming once were settled in....That said the Trg programme is manic, as soon as we hit Blighty, with very little room to get our s**t together....

    I have already had a couple of people ringing in asking when Im posted!!!!

    Gaza Barracks is the new Loc just off Monkey Hill, right next to Tescos and, more importantly, Greggs Pasty shop!!!!
  8. We are not gaining a posting in the North. Its one in one out with 19 light moving to lisburn.
  9. No, a real unit! :twisted: Only joking!

    I wonder if they will ever move the current 52 Inf Bde HQ & Sig Sqn (258) from Bramcote to Edinburgh with the rest of the Bde. Edinburgh's an alright night on the lash.
  10. My bold

    Hey PD, don´t forget you´re a member of the Royal Corps of Swift and Jiffed, not the bloody Scaley´s roadtrip :D
  11. Nah, I'm a big believer in ... ahem ... training liaison visits. ARRSE is a great information gathering tool but it can't beat finding an excuse to offer training support, technical expertise (LOL) and all-round Corps comradeship in a number of boozy places. It just takes a bit of imagination and enthusiasm. "No Sir I'm not lying, I'm the only one who can do this and I can't possibly do it over club class please".
  12. Your room in the mess is booked PD :wink:
  13. Classic textbook answer PD ! Good to see that the triple B rule is still alive and kicking :D
  14. Cold War gone now mucka. Armour is the signals paperweight. Get your arrse to 19lt. Yes you will be able to help pack up from Catterick but when in lisburn you gonna get extra money and a tour on the books soon.
  15. Why?