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Posting Time Again.

Just received a letter from my new unit (posted Jan 2011) that I'll be deploying on Herrick 14.
My current regt is busy training for ops whilst I'm dealing with what's left of the training fleet.
Having just spent 9 months in Canada and shortly a further 2 months away from my unit in the run up to Christmas(both unaccompanied), as mentioned in my introductory letter, this comes across as a bit cheeky - they could at least discuss it in person.
Also, they have a resident tour dodger of the same rank and trade as myself, but their reasoning is that I have previous operational experience in Afghan thus making me more suitable. Surely they can delay his Tiffy course so that he can gain his first medal.
What makes matters worse is that, although the letter is clearly for me and includes details of my wife etc, they have somebody elses name at the start - a clear case of cut and paste.
Is it too late to change postings?

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