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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by diane_41, Jun 18, 2007.

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  2. Currently looking for a blonde with huge tits, a flat head and no teeth. Anyone interested in swapping one for a set of 1986 Ford Escort Headlamps, please PM.
  3. Did someone say spam?

  4. I have just been posted to Germany and need headlamps for an escort 86 model, willing to trade bit on the side, any offers
  5. Top quality - I take it you joke here? This ain't Noel Edmunds Multi-Colour Post Swap you know. Apparently, MCM Div (AGC Sldrs) do a bit of a line in MS issues. (Or they did until the 'machines' took control and cocked it all up)!
  6. Except that you are not allowed to call them, so put it in writing (triplicate) send it to your HQ where they will action it, once they have finished drinking tea and causing chaos throughout the developed world. Of course they will listen and be sympathetic to your needs. :twisted:
  7. :D

    Yeah, whatever.
  8. **** me, get rid of MCM Div we can all get posted and trade on E Bay. With a name like Diane 41 I presume you are a splitter that hasn't really wised up to Army life?
  9. Well don't presume because you know feck all,i asked on behalf of somebody else and i believe it is all sorted now.
  10. I presume that it was all sorted with a box of welfare tissues and a pat on the back from some softly softly Admin Offr. Repeat after me...

    I (sob) Want (Sob) A (Sob) Cushy (Sob) Posting (Sobsobsobsob)
  11. Another one who presumes, what's welfare ?

  12. I hope that he/she got what they wanted, all you have to do is ask and they will look into it. we all know ow caring and understanding the army can be.

    Pull up a bean bag we will listen, oh by the weg your off to iraq/afghan first then we will see.

    Lets here it for welfare and the HQ's