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I was hit with this question last night over a pint. Just noticed its in the wrong section. It was a late night :)

What are the posting rules on an individual who has a previous charge under his belt for physical assault of a recruit at a training establishment?

Would he be considered for a further post at a phase 2 establishment much later on in his career.
He applied for his LS&GC and few times and it has always been rejected because of the seriousness of the crime if that is any help to this question.

I pulled this below from the MODs response to the Blake review as well, However, are there time bars to the crime when consideration for a further posting at Phase 2 and would the fact he is still being told no for his LS & GS warrant the fact he will not or should not get such a post?

Recommendation 12
Instructors should be vetted for their suitability to work with young people, applying standards that are no less rigorous then those applied to civilian establishments educating or training people under 18.
We recognise the need for instructors to be checked for their suitability to work with young people prior to taking up their posts, and we do so within the current legislative constraints. Under the present law, Criminal Record Bureau checks do not apply to those working with under 18s in full time employment. The Ministry of Defence is therefore discussing with the Department for Education and Skills and the Home Office changes to legislation that would allow employers greater flexibility in carrying out Criminal Record Bureau checks on employees in the future.
In the meantime, the posting of individual Service personnel is considered by the Armed Forces on a case-by-case basis. Every effort is made to ensure that all the relevant facts (including career and disciplinary records) are taken into account. Improvements to this process have been made, and we now have a much better system for identifying, flagging (on personnel files, for example) and monitoring personnel who may have transgressed in the past. Work is underway to review the checks that are carried out on personnel applying for instructor posts to ensure that best practice is applied across the three Services.


The SJAR provides the facility to report on a persons suitability for various appointments as well as promotion. If the Reporting Officers recommend the person as suitable I would suppose the final decision would be APC's who would undoubtedly look at their records to gauge suitability.
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You have to be CRB checked to get a job within about 300 miles of recruits these days (in fact, you have to be CRB checked just to live in the block in Blandford on a Class One course, not sure about shorter courses though). If his crime was that serious it would still come up on a CRB wouldn't it?
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CRB's give a snapshot of a moment in time, and will indicate something of the applicants past. I know in my case they do NOT decide who can or can't have a job - they just provide information. If used properly, they should help in consideration of the person for a job; they may indicate a "lesson learned". My guess is, though, that in most cases where bureaucracy is high they will preclude the applicant; I would expect the Army to go down this line.
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SJAR has a chunk in which the RO has to confirm the suitability of the individual as an Instructor at a training establishment. Beyond that I'm not sure that there are "rules" as such on who is posted. As for CRB, the current system is a joke. The civvy trawl of the database takes less than 10 days - at least here in Scotland - but the MoD internal processes take months and regularly lose paperwork so it all starts again.

The fastest I've seen an Instructor posted for naughtiness was back in the 80s. PSI who crashed a truck while getting a blow-job from an OTC Cadet. Incident on Saturday afternoon, bloke on plane to the Falklands next week.... Explain that to the wife !

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