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When posting from the "quick reply" box it takes longer than usual and before it posts I get the "Are you sure you want to leave this page" box and have to click yes to finish posting.
I end up double posting when that happens
So do I, it's a pain in the bum... I thought it was my PC so restarted it but it's still taking ages.

I sent this post in 1974.
My PC is so fast, i first read this in 1935 when my grandpa was still avoiding school.

Doc Brown is a **** though. He never gave me Biff's book and never told Marty he would get parkinsons.

You wanna see Marty McFly do his guitar solos now though. Makes Cap'n beefheart sound like a monotone drone.
Same here. Comes and goes in the same browsing session.
I have an inkling what may be happening here and I did see it myself once or twice a few days ago but the problem seems to have cleared for me - I can't make it happen any more.

Can anyone see any common factor when it happens? Is it for example when more than one browser window is being used to browse ARRSE, or in long messages where there is a comparatively long gap between starting the post and actually posting/
Has happened to me a few times very recently, once or twice yesterday.

Short messages, either "Quick Reply" or "Reply With Quote", in response to short messages. Nothing lengthy.

Also, putting a pic in reply seems to be playing up; once URL pasted in and OK pressed, occasionally long, long pause before it works or, occasionally, seems not to work. Must repeat process until it eventually works.

Maybe faults have something in common? (Other than me being shite with computers.)

Added: Sometimes it appears picture not uploaded, but then it appears in message anyway...
No long post by me as I use the "go advanced" when posting anything over a line and when using any pics.
just had it myself. Notably after not using the site for 20 minutes or so but sitting with a thread open
and you had the problem on all of those?
Not all, but from what I remember it happened a couple of times ( on some of those threads) and that is why I started the thread.
Thanks. What I'm trying to do is work out what is different on the occasions when it happens. One option is just to disable it altogether. We managed without an automated check for years and I think it might have saved me from losing a post once since we've had it, buy irritated me many more times.


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Last few days I have posted my Words of Wisdom and got this as a pop-up...


I tend to copy my post then hit 'Leave this page'. When I Refresh, there is my post just like normal.

Is it something I have said?
Had it all day on and off. Very slow loading, so you're tempted to press 'post' again and end up with a double tap.

I'm mentally deleting 'posting quick reply' and inserting 'slow'.

Good CO it has happened twice in a row to me when I used the "reply" tab beside the reply with quote tab.

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