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Okay this may seem like a ridiculous question, but I'm in the process of addressing my first bluey, using the below format:

Service No Rank Name
Operation Name

I've read that I shouldn't include the Town and Country must not be included in the address, but the Operation Name I've been given includes the name of a city. What do I do? I'm afraid I have no common sense! Lol!

Many thanks! xxx
That address format above will suffice. The BFPO number is unique to a certain town anyway. Once you post the letter, it will make it's way to BFPO in London and forwarded on to the relevant place.
it looks like you've already seen THIS LINK.

They tell you not to put the Country or Town name so that it goes directly to the BFPO mail centre and doesn't end up going in the civvie mail to wherever.


Service No Rank Name

might end up in the civvy mail and confuse the hell out of the German posties :rage:

(It could also be a security issue depending on where it is going)

Hope this helps! :razz:

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