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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Revenge90, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. Hey Just wondering about these rumours going about that you cant get your first posting within 50 miles from your home? Is this true?
  2. Would you want your first posting to be that close to home - if so, I can't really understand the mentallity to be honest
  3. never heard of that pal. put a place called Bulford down as your first choice, thats a mega posting.
  4. Alot of shit happening back home and need to be around thats the thing.
  5. You can, but it's called joining the TA.
  6. Time to cut the umbilical cord methinks!!
  7. No, it's not true.

    If you have a genuine, compassionate need to be posted near to home, go and see the Welfare Office and they'll try and square you away.

    If you just want your laundry doing by Mum every weekend - guess what!? :twisted:
  8. if you live near a camp that you get posted too lucky you, otherwise good luck
  9. If you're married they usually give you a home within 50 miles of where you're posted
  10. I had heard that when I joined uo but to be honest why did you join up if you want to be near home?
  11. mate, if you have dramas let them know your reasons for needing it, 9 times out of ten, if the vaccancy is there and your reason is good you will get it. all the best
  12. Hi just read through this post ,, just to tie a few things up you can actually put choices down as to where you want to be posted ???????
  13. Yeh 3 choices. Thanks for comments guys
  14. Yup, 3 choices.... and you should get exactly what you want provided you put Bulford, Bulford and Bulford, tee hee!

    Best of luck bud! :D
  15. Having had a chat with the SoinC team it was his aspiration to stop first postings within 50 miles of 'home', this was to instil an ethos and actually learn what being in the Army is all about (One of the few things that Big Ted has actually done for the better) However as mentioned earlier if there is a compassionate reason for you to be near home then that will be taken into account. Where do you want to be posted to??