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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tumanfa, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. Can someone please be straight with me as the hubby I think is trying to sugar coat this subject to save me kicking off lol.

    We are currently at Catterick while he is on seniors, he took his termination out and was given promises if he completes seniors....HA anyway we have just be told he will be returning to battalion in Germany.

    Now as the battalion are due to move to cyprus this year my concern is they will expect me to stay in sunny catterick while the hubby returns to Germany untill the Battalion moves. Wouldnt have a problem if I was anywhere but here. The other half has said the oc or co (its just letters to me) said if he was to be returned to battalion they would send us straight to cyprus after seniors even tho the battalion is in Germany.

    Im getting annoyed at getting jack out of anyone and they wont tell us a bloody thing and just keep beng told they are on it........

    Anyway all I want is for someone to tell me what are the chances of them being (im trying to find a way of wording this like the lady i am lol) un cooperative and making me stay in this hell hole??

    Any help would be great
  2. From personal experience, the Unit Move (From Germany to Cyprus) does not figure in the 6 month window for quarter allocation so, theoretically, you should be able to move to Germany and then on to Cyprus. That said it may come down to unit planning, and I may not have my facts straight. If your husband has a confirmed posting order to the Battalion then he / you should approach the families office there. They will be managing the move. I can't give you chapter and verse on the Regs but I that was certainly where we stood when we were in the same cycle. Hope it helps.
  3. Tumanfa, you mention that this is happening this year, but it will depend on how many months you are expected to stay in Germany for. There will be a number of other factors too. Moving straight to Cyprus would make sense but if he has to transit via Germany, it would depend on how long for I guess. You mentioned he took his termination out. Has he signed back on then? Quarters are pretty scarce in Catterick so you may be lucky to get out when you want.
  4. I like both of your replys very very much, seems promising.

    He finishes seniors in march and I think Battalion are due to move to cyprus in August, Im not too fussed about the two moves that bit doesnt bother me one bit, anything is better than here.

    He hasnt had a posting order as yet, its just been confirmed that someone else from battalion has taken up his posting here and instead of his first posting as sgt being here they want him to have more experience back at battalion.

    Because he is currently doing the first part of seniors (I would know what its called if I listen to him from time to time) he is on exercise all week so cant speak to anyone to get some more information so im very greatful for your input and I look like a smart arse when im abit in the know lol
  5. With no posting order, your date is not yet fixed. I suggest that your hubby calls the RCMO and discusses the options. During the call, he can ask that you do a double move to be with the Bn for the move to Cyprus. He can spin this as wanting to be completely committed to unit life and not heading back to UK at weekends and wanting to integrate into the job without the distraction of a wife in UK. The cost factor will come in, but he can claim that the Bn move is an arms plot move and therefore not costed as a single move. Good luck, but I think he needs to move quickly. If he knows any friendly officers in his new unit, get them on side as well.
  6. Thanks Bianchi, the problem is with him being on seniors he is out on exercise all week and doesnt get in untill late friday so then noone is there to talk to.
    My brother is in the same battalion so ive now asked him to try and get me some answers as the hubby is on final ex after this weekend so thats another 2 weeks he wont be able to make any calls.

    If they do plan on sending us both to battalion they are leaving it rather late in the day as ive only got permission to stay in this house untill the end of his course as he is offically no longer posted here, so ive got just over a month to sort the house. Which is plenty but really no point in starting if they plan on keeping me here lol gotta love the army.
  7. OK now im panicing, our own stupid fault as for some reason we thought the hubbys posting order ran out end of march, it doesnt it runs out in 20 days!! Still no new posting order and cant get hold of the rcmo for love nor money! Hubby managed to speak to the div cpt who just said all he knows is that he is due back at battalion after seniors.....helpfull!

    Hubby is off on final ex tomo for 10 days any ideas what I can do except keep trying to reach the rcmo?
  8. Feel for you lass. I recommend that you get a meeting with the RCMO. It will take longer than 3 weeks to get removals set up and and a quarter allocated.
  9. unfortunatly I cant set up a meeting, im in the uk and he is in Germany thats the main problem im having, getting anyone to answer the phone!
  10. Welfare Office?
  11. noone will deal with it over here as its down to battalion to sort out, just gonna have to keep phoning every 5 mins I think untill someone answers. oh the joys lol
  12. Become an admin case.....worked for me! ;P

    SSAFA also runs a Confidential Support Line which is there to help give you support when you feel things are getting on top of you.

    The line is open from 1030 - 2230 (UK local time) every day, including Christmas Day. Free phone lines operate from Germany, Cyprus and the UK:

    From the UK (Main Line): 0800 731 4880

    From Germany: 0800 1827 395
    From Cyprus: 800 91065
    From the Falkland Islands # 6111
    From anywhere in the world (Call-back) +44 (0)1980 630854
    From Operational Theatres, to enable access through Paradigm's 'phone
    system, dial the appropriate access number then enter *201 at the PIN
  13. Brillaint, thank you bootifull
  14. Update....
    Hubby has now had it confirmed that he is to return to battalion straight after seniors but I am to stay in the uk as there are no houses available in germany so im to stay here untill he moves over to cyprus, they have ever so kindly given him a few days off to help me pack up the house but have no given any date as to when we will move to cyprus, only told it will be later in the year.

    Can they do this, just keep me here on my todd untill they suddenly pull their fingers out and give us a date?

    He is about to walk off seniors as we obviously married for a reason, not to be living in different countrys untill the army sees fit. And i just need to give him some ray of light to try and stop him binning it as I know he will regret it but he has just given up with the amount of crap they have fed us since November!
  15. Tumanfa,

    Unfortunately, unlike UK, if there are no SFA (quarters) available then you do not have the option of being allocated SSFA (rented accommodation from the civilian market). So, in answer to your question, you will have to live alone in Catterick, either until a house becomes available in Germany or until your husband takes up his post in Cyprus.

    Your husband's RCMO or OC should, however, have a very good idea of exactly when the unit is to go to Cyprus - I suspect, based on the non-allocation of SFA in Germany, that it will not be too long, but you need to check.

    I would strongly advise against your husband terminating Senior Brecon. Not only will it not get you what you want, but it will also damage his future promotion prospects, and damage them badly. Play it cool, finish the course, and then let him ask the right questions once he gets to Germany. At the end of the day the separation is only for a few months - damaging his promotion chances affects both your future income and pension for a lot longer.

    And, if he is considering walking from the Army think very closely about it before you commit to any action - once you have signed off there is no going back.

    Be patient, laugh it off, and the best of luck.