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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by brummiebird21, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone help?
    I am due posting on promotion as no available places at my unit
    I was asked if i wanted a certain posting - agreed straight away
    one of my seniors got involved and some how glasgow have gave the place to someone else.
    So now i am not allowed to wear the rank or be paid for it.

    Do i have the right to formally complain?
    Also is the a way of seeing vacancys for ams without speaking to rcmo?
  2. A couple of things here. You should certainly speak to your RCMO to find out exactly what is happening to you. Secondly, I am assuming that you have been selected by a Board for promotion. Therefore, at some point you will be a substantive next rank up. At that point, even if you have not got a posting, you will be a substantive whatever rank and be eligible for the pay. Your RCMO will put you in the picture about the wearing the rank business but I am sure that this is a pretty routine occurrence. Good luck.

  3. You were asked by whom? if it wasn't directly from Glasgow then it would have been a generic question asked to many people across your promotion board so unless you were told that you would definately get that post (From APC) you dont have a leg to stand on.
  4. Unless you see it in black and white on an assignment order, don't believe a thing you're told !! - EVER!

    Otherwise you're setting yourself up for dissapointment. :cry:
  5. Don't forget that if you have been selected by a promotion board then you are due to be promoted in the promotion year and whilst some always get picked up straight away, you only have a "right" to be promoted within the 12 months.
  6. Another query on postings ....

    Is there any way that a Regular LCpl can get posted to a TA unit? I have heard a rumour that it is Sgt and above.

    Also, is there anywhere I could see assignment vacancies for AGC LCpl?

    Thanks in advance

  7. In my XI Sig Bde days we certainly had Reg Cpls posted in. Poor saps had had a whole lot of bluff about their great new responsibilities from the CoC & then found themselves sweeping garages...
  8. Just make a deal with Glasgow before posting that you get a Gucci posting on your next tour.
  9. RCMO's can have a tendency to offer postings that are not there, I bet that there are some postings available around no matter what your cap badge is that will ensure you get substansive soon. Speak to your RCMO and before you say no to anything he says he thinks may be available have a look into what the job entails you could a very rewarding post out there with a crappy title