Posting Problem?

Hi, I havent posted on here before, but after reading through the threads I cant seem to find one that answers my question, so I would like any advice if possible!

To cut a long story..Mr Strumpet is currently on a 10 month course and we are due to be posted again beginning of September, on the pref posting we asked for a posting "up north" due to welfare reasons (would never usually cry welfare but it is genuine) We were given one we were happy with, only to find out a month back that the posting had been withdrawn - and we had been given something totally unsuitable instead.

Mr Strumpet went to see if we could change the post as we need to get up north and find out what was going on with the origional posting, and 4 long and boring weeks have gone by with numerous visits to the clerks, the Sergeant Major and the Welfare office; but we are still no further on and nobody seems to give a sh*t to be honest. They are blaming Glasgow, then passing us from person to person.

Does anyone have any advice on how we can get this sorted? Everyone else on the course has submitted their paperwork for housing etc and we still dont know where we are going!

Sorry its long, but getting to wits end now!
Go bleating to SSAFA ans AWS that normally works
I'd go with that advice, UWO, AWS etc. Although it wont help, just to clarify the point you made about the unit blaming glasgow (ie by way of education rather than "not their fault"), Glasgow is home to basically 2 separate areas: the bit that pays your hubby and the bit that decides where he goes etc. These 2 bits are completely separate (they exchange information of course), but the latter bit is where any posting decisions are made, by Desk Officers in the manning and Career Management division which looks after the capbadge your husband is in. The Desk officers are mostly of the same capbadge as the soldiers they look after. They are the ones that have made the decision. Like I said, I'm only explaining so you dont walk off thinking its "that bunch in glasgow!"(clearly when his pay isnt right, its the other lot!). Best of luck to you both.
Thank you both for your replies, I shall take the advice and see if we can sort things out through that route.

Much appreciated
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