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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. just an observation... not a whinge.

    how come ppp's work inversely, i asked for all abroad postings specifying my dislike for uk postings. pointing out overseas investments and a desire to stay in germany.

    i got a uk posting.

    my mate, got a lady friend in uk, joint bank account the works has just been posted to germany for 3 years. he wants uk

    now i have asked to swap, both the same trade category and class level but got told to wind my neck in "its a posting ORDER so do as you are told we cannot do anything about it. i have asked for an extention, a grace peiod to see if anything elsecan pop up but been fcuked off at high port. told to wait it out. time is not a luxury

    now, in times of retention and all the rest of it wouldnt it be nice if you were able to specify where you are posted. i know a few senior ranks are offered 3 or 4 choices. would it be too hard to do the same to junior ranks?

    i respect that a few old and bold are going to say just do as your told. anything constructive would be more helpful. i have been all the way to the top of my chain of command but time is running out, if they delay it any longer then it will be too late to actively do anything about it, a kind of reverse "posted- not fcuking interested mate" i feel that 3 years of my life are quite important, this might be the deciding thing that makes me sign off. i love the army but i cant help feeling like i have been screwed out of something. cant help feeling that no one will actively look after your career apart from yourself. surely the man management aspect the army is advertising should be looking after the troops interest.

    now i could always fake the local fiance thing and cheat my way around it, a few others have. but its not right
    all i wanna do is work in a certain country, there are spaces. is it too hard to put the troops where they want to go??

    (sorry about the spelling or missing letters... lucozade on the keyboard)
  2. Yeah have had a simular problem, coming out of the factory I had a girlfriend in Southhampton so asked for 3 div, 11 sigs or 3 cdo, and got 7 :salut:
  3. e-w-k,

    It is a bitter pill to swallow but sometimes these weird and wonderful postings ARE records attempts at career managing you by giving you a posting that will "round out" your profile etc. It isn't always a case of troops to slots.

    Who told you to wind your neck in? I am "old and bold" but I do think that personal aspirations really do need to be considered or else last man out turn of the lights!

    Obviously I don't know your posting history, career aspirations etc. I can only suggest that you keep trying but DON'T rub your CoC up the wrong way or you'll get nowhere.

    Just a thought from my past experience: I had a very very short notice posting to 3 Div (3 weeks notice) to help them as they were doing Op tours all over. I bit the bullet and did the job but as my posting was for 24 months I thought no probs. I then applied to go to my favoured place for my last posting but records blew me out. I wrote them a very nice letter saying I was willing to do an extra 12 months at 3 Div if they considered my pref posting favourably at the end of it. 2 weeks later I had a posting order for what I wanted!!
  4. i think the ppp is misspelt.

    choose 3 units you dont want to be anywhere near. id say 75 per cent of people dont get anywhere near what they want
  5. cheers chris,

    temp tp comd told me to stop bugging and wait it out. basically waiting for someone else to sort it out. no one seems interested. everyone is convinced it is someone elses block-job and my oc seems the last resort but im bunnyhopping the chain of command, i have confronted him before, really helpful but still seems out of his hands. i could really like the new place but if i dont i feel that it might finish me off. at least if i get what i want its my own choice and therefore my own fault.

    cant be dealing with a 200 quid pay cut reduced social life and everyone going home at the weekend! i hate my hometown! ill have to stay on barracks
  6. I actually feel quite strongly on this one, having dealt with MCM Div frequently in my time. Basically, I cannot recall an instance when records have not given the soldier their first or second choice.

    So that means that either your CoC is not fighting your corner as well as you would like them to, or that you are going to limit your career by your own choices, so records are moving to prevent this. As far as I can tell, and in my limited experience, 99.99% of the time, it is the former, and not the latter that will prove to be the case.

    If you feel strongly enough to sign off, ask for a word with your Sqn 2i/c, just don't go behind your Tp Staffies back unless he/she's a complete stroker.
  7. im not limiting my career choices, the units i chose in germany are completely different job specs compaired to my old unit. i am game for change, i think its essential to become rounded and more employable. i am very disappointed about the lack of interest shown by anyone else but me.

    as a youngun these 3 years are pretty much defining. i wanna make sure im no wasting away doing something i hate. would phone up glasgow myself if i knew i wouldnt get such a bollocking.

    would going to the adjt be too plucky?
  8. Not if he's a good 'un. My last Adjt was the nuts, got a Siggies posting changed from UK to the fatherland after a quiet chat at the Nijmegen marches. Pick your time carefully, and make sure you're not going to embarrass him by gobbing off in front of anyone..... not that I think you would! :D
  9. I've been to units where the Adjt was the only person authorised to have contact with Glasgow, and i've been to others where the job was left to Yeoman, Foreman, Q bloke etc.

    Leave the "200 quid a month and reduced social life" out of any discussions you have (the COC would, quite rightly, think your more interested in your way of life than your career). As you've approached your Tp OC about this already, you should wait for it to run its course. It wouldnt be wrong however to ask who was handling your query and when you should expect a yay or nay - you are trying to plan your life after all. Also, as someone above mentioned, records may want you in a specific unit because the LSN you are posted into is a specific role in trade which will give you the best career opportunity.
  10. way of life and career go hand in hand no? when you finish work you are not out of the army. id say this was a factor in my choice the same way pads choose thier area for kids schools etc

    the main reason is because i have a mortgage an cannot afford uk prices/ way of life and a 200 quid pay cut. there are options that would enhance my career without sending me to the uk. the army is a massive company im sure there are slots around.
  11. I am bemused by this because I seem to remember a period when none of the young'uns wanted to go to BFG and now here is someone who does!

    Be iinteresting to know who, in the CoC, is involved.

    Has your Troopy entered it in an interview book? Does your Troop Staffy know about it? Has it gone up to OC level? If your OC Tp is sitting on it you may be within your rights to request an OC's interview (If you do make sure that you keep the OC Tp informed though!) SOunds to me like you are getting fobbed off at the mo (maybe too much hassle for a temp Tp OC???)

    I used to smash up my troop's cups if they were left on work-benches but stuff like this did get treated seriously and fed through the chain as far as possible. You should be getting feed-back on this to let you know that something is being progressed.
  12. I know plenty, from lads straight out of the factory ending up in different countries from the one they asked for to a YofS asking to stay in the Blandford/Salisbury Plain area due to kid's schooling and got offered NI & Middlesborough.

    Oh, and me, twice.
  13. fully understand the predicament.

    as a full screw, wanted to get out of trade and go to an ATR. So off i went to do skillies, NBC and all that good stuff. i really wanted Bassingbourne, and had basically been assured to get it by those a little further up the CoC.

    So imagine my surprise when i got a misspelled posting order that read Blandford. suppose it starts with the same letter, so close enough. and am i glad that i did all those mil courses for it, cant remember a day where i didnt gas a sprog or teach him to shoot ragheads etc.

    My career really mattered to them didnt it, or was it just one of those crap, we need to fill a post by this date, oh look he's due a posting!!!
  14. I must have just been lucky then! 8O

    Mind, I've always been a necky cnut, and as soon as I got the number for my desk officer, I gave her a ring... there's no harm in ringing up to see if records have actually got a line number available in the unit you want, saves you from wasting the ink on your PPP. And if you happen to drop a hint when you're on the phone, and your interpersonal skills are above neanderthal, well, you never know. :)
  15. Here here, Biscuits is quite right, they don't mind in the slightest if you phone them in Glasgow, just be nice or it could come back and bite you on the arrse!!! But I have just sorted a posting for my wife to be near me and they were very helpful.