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I got some forms today about my posting preference (RADC) and I'm due to go on my PQO's course in the summer. I assume then that I have to decide on my preferences before I go. My question is, are they going to give me a list of postings? As it is, I have an empty form & no idea what the options are.

Once I have filled the form in, how long will it take them to decice where I am going and how much notice do they take of the form?
Thanks, sorry if this has been covered before.
That depends on if you need to do a VT year or not. There are limited options for the VT year as you have to go where there is a trainer (recruiting officer should be able to tell you where all the VT posts are). If your first posting is as a VT you will move after 12 months anyway so unless you have any pressing personal issues it won't matter. During your first year you will also learn much more about where you might like to go next.
If you don't need to do a VT year - again, speak to the recruiting team for more details but we have Dental Centres in Germany, UK, Cyprus and NI.
I don't know how long it will take for a decision - the establishment tables are being re-written and re-re-written and re-re-re-written and re-re-re-re-written and re-re... maybe by the time you start your course?!
Try looking on the Army Portal on CASH or DII or whatever mod system you use.

Follow this : Army portal, then Adjutant General, then APC Web, then MCM Divisions, then AMS , Employment and finally Postfinder!!

A bit long winded but all the postings available are there. Found a few that I didn't know existed.

Good luck
And the good news is that MCM seem to be going soft -- for the first time ever my next job is one of the ones I (admittedly slightly misguidedly) asked for ... am still not convinced that it isn't a wind up

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